17th May 2017. By Ryan Baldi. Since moving to Arsenal from Southampton a week before his 18th birthday in 2011, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has thrilled and frustrated fans inside the Emirates Stadium in equal measure.

His immense talent has never been in question and explains the £12million fee the Gunners initially forked out for the teenager, who had never played first-team football above the third tier of the English game at the time.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Reborn at Right Wing-Back ArsenalBut, in a situational that for The wing-back role requires a very specific skillset of its occupants. The player must have the discipline to prioritise their defensive duties; be fit enough to move up and down the flank, following the ebb and flow of a game for a full 90 minutes; and be effective in attack, providing width for their team on their designated flank.

But the added defensive cover of the outside centre-backs in the three-man backline means that a wing-back has more freedom to attack than a conventional full-back. And the fact that a wing-back's starting position is deeper than that of a winger means that they benefit from more space, are harder to pick up and do not have to have the same level of dribbling ability to manufacture a spot of freedom like an orthodox flanker.

All of this has come together to offer previously unheralded players the chance to assume prominent roles. Wingers who were previously considered hard-working but technically limited have been reinvented as wing-backs, and over-adventurous full-backs have been pushed up the field slightly and had their reins Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Reborn at Right Wing-Back Moses Conteloosened.

Victor Moses was considered surplus to requirements for much of his
Wenger agrees that Oxlade-Chamberlain should eventually revert to a central midfield role, but his recent performances have left the ex-Monaco manager with no doubts over where the former Southampton youngster is most effective right now.

"He's done very well at wing-back. In the future, on long term, he will play in central midfield." Wenger said recently.

"What he is doing at the moment will help him to be a successful central midfielder as well. But at the moment I feel that this wing-back role has suited him well.

"First of all he can use well his power. And it suits him well as well because he is facing the game when he gets the ball. It's a different kind of game to be marked by somebody, get rid, turn and go forward, or to face the game.

"I think he looks to be comfortable when he is running at people and when he has the ball at his feet.

"When we speak about systems, some systems give a little advantage to some players because it just suits them a little bit better, comforts their qualities. He has maybe benefited from it."

Central midfield appears to be where Alex Oxlade Chamberlain's future lies. But if his outstanding form at wing-back continues, both player and manager might have to reconsider that stance.