1. African Teams at the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been one of the most eagerly anticipated and exciting tournaments for many years. 5 African Algeria World Cup Home Jersey 2014nations qualified for the finals in Brazil; Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana. For the 1st time 2 African teams made it out of the group stages, certainly putting on great performances of soccer skill and entertainment. The Algeria football jerseys, and Nigeria soccer shirts were the latest casualties of the knockout stage, but neither side went easily.

    Puma is well known for making the soccer kits used in the African Nations football tournaments. As a result Puma has manufactured all of the African team 2014 World Cup kits, except for the Nigeria football shirts that are made by Adidas. The African teams may now be out but you can still show support for these fantastic teams by ordering a shirt from Soccer Box today!

    Nigeria Football Shirts

    The Group Stage!

    Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana were all knocked out after the group stage but not before putting up a strong fight. Cameroon faced host nation Brazil in Group A, they lost all of their games but managed to score against the mighty Brazilians, a feat to be proud of.

    The Ivory Coast also put up a valiant fight in Group C, after beating Japan and losing against group winners Columbia they needed a draw against Greece to proceed and a draw they nearly had. The score was 1-1, until the 93rd minute when Greece scored from the penalty spot

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  2. World Cup Football Shirts Available as Tournament Draws Closer

    On Thursday, June 12, the 20th FIFA World Cup tournament will begin in Brazil. For one whole month, the event will captivate soccer fans all around the world, and whether you plan on attending a few matches in Brazil or simply observing all of the action from the comfort of your living room, chances are that you are going to want to deck yourself, and your entire family, out in World Cup football shirts that reflect your favorite team.

    That's where Soccer Box enters into the picture. We have a wide selection of football gear at any time, but it really broadens during World Cup years, and that is certainly the case right now as we await next month's tournament commencement. From shirts for the heavyweights (five-time winners Brazil, or defending champions and top ranked contenders Spain) to the underdogs (the bright green of Puma's Algeria 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey), we have official World Cup merchandise for any team you want to cheer for.

    World Cup Football Shirts

    Picking a Team

    Do you have a favorite international football team that you have been supporting for years, or are you more of a casual follower of soccer? Often, people will simply root for their own country's team. In other words, many Americans are still hoping that the USA team will finally clinch a World Cup victory after all these years, while virtually everyone in Britain is pulling for the England team to replicate its win from 1966.

    Not everyone cheers for their own country at the World Cup, though. On the contrary, for some people, part of the fun of picking out World Cup football shirts is researching all of the teams, assessing the chances each one has of winning the tournament, or trying to decide which Cup

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  3. Algeria Football Shirts Situated in Group H for 2014 World Cup

    With roots in 1962, the Algeria national soccer team may be a late starter when compared to some of the older teams, but the team undoubtedly still has a heart for competition on the world stage. Algeria has qualified for four Algeria World Cup Home Jersey 2014World Cups over the years, scoring their highest position with a 13th place finish at their first competition in 1982. This year, the team is ranked by FIFA as 24 going into the World Cup, so we will have to wait until June to see where the players in the green and white Algeria football shirts land.

    For the World Cup 2014, the Algeria national soccer team has been drawn into Group H, with its first competitors to be Belgium, Russia, and South Korea. Fans of Algeria are hopeful that their team will move further into the competition this year than in ones past. That remains to be seen however, since Algeria will need to compete against some tough competition before they can move through into the next round, but with some strong support shown by fans wearing the attractive Algeria World Cup home jersey 2014, manufactured by Puma and sold by Soccer Box the team may gain the extra luck they need to dominate the pitch and eliminate the competition.

    Home Whites

    With the Algeria national soccer team's colors being green and white, one might expect that the home color would be the green. However, Algeria football shirts are actually the opposite, appearing as white shirts with green accents, while the away jerseys are green.

    Algeria's crest follows the trend of the team's kits, appearing mostly white with green and red accents. Both the crest and the Algeria World Cup home jersey 2014 are sure to be present in Brazil during the World Cup events this year, with fans cheering their

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