With roots in 1962, the Algeria national soccer team may be a late starter when compared to some of the older teams, but the team undoubtedly still has a heart for competition on the world stage. Algeria has qualified for four Algeria World Cup Home Jersey 2014World Cups over the years, scoring their highest position with a 13th place finish at their first competition in 1982. This year, the team is ranked by FIFA as 24 going into the World Cup, so we will have to wait until June to see where the players in the green and white Algeria football shirts land.

For the World Cup 2014, the Algeria national soccer team has been drawn into Group H, with its first competitors to be Belgium, Russia, and South Korea. Fans of Algeria are hopeful that their team will move further into the competition this year than in ones past. That remains to be seen however, since Algeria will need to compete against some tough competition before they can move through into the next round, but with some strong support shown by fans wearing the attractive Algeria World Cup home jersey 2014, manufactured by Puma and sold by Soccer Box the team may gain the extra luck they need to dominate the pitch and eliminate the competition.

Home Whites

With the Algeria national soccer team's colors being green and white, one might expect that the home color would be the green. However, Algeria football shirts are actually the opposite, appearing as white shirts with green accents, while the away jerseys are green.

Algeria's crest follows the trend of the team's kits, appearing mostly white with green and red accents. Both the crest and the Algeria World Cup home jersey 2014 are sure to be present in Brazil during the World Cup events this year, with fans cheering their team toward victory.

African Stage

While the Algerians may not have had a lot of luck on the world stage up to this point, they are known as one of the more successful teams on the African stage. For instance, the Algerian national football team has won one title at the African Cup of Nations and placed first at one All-Africa Games event. Even when they don't win though, the Algerian team usually has a good showing in the African Cup of Nations, having come away from the tournament over the years with one runner-up position, two third-place finishes, and two forth-place slots.

On the African stage, the Algerian national soccer team maintains several healthy rivalries. Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia are all recognized as common challengers and worthy opponents of the Algerian team. In recent years, Algeria's main rivalry has been with Egypt, largely due to past World Cup happenings. In 2010's World Cup, Algeria defeated Egypt 1-0 in a high-stakes qualifying round, and a fierce rivalry has sparked between the two teams ever since.

Other Rivalries

In addition to Algeria's current competitive relationship with Egypt, the team has ignited numerous rivalries with other teams from around the globe on the World Cup stage. In 1982 Algeria upset tournament favorites West Germany in a legendary 2-1 defeat. Despite the victory, controversial rules regarding the timing of games meant that Germany and their European rivals Austria played their final game with full knowledge of what result would be necessary for both to qualify for advancement in the tournament. If Germany beat Austria by one or two goals, both teams would advance to the next round of the tournament.

Germany quickly scored a goal, after which both teams allowed the clock to run out with little to no action. The match ended in a 1-0 finish, advancing Germany and Austria to the next round, and eliminating the Algerian team from contention in a manner that was widely deplored as a fixed game.

Subsequently, World Cup officials have changed the rules so that the last two games of each group are played at the same time. This way the teams cannot throw the games one way or the other because they never know what result is necessary for advancement. With fairer rules in place, fans of Algeria are pulling on their Algeria World Cup home jersey 2014 and hoping for another chance at an explosive upset.

Supporting the White and Green

Supporting the team is half of the fun of going to the World Cup, and for that reason, many will be wearing the Algeria football shirts to Brazil this year. Soccer Box has all of the Algerian merchandise needed to show the team that they are supported in the stands. Saving is easy too.