The Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht, one of the top teams in the Belgian Pro League, has never been like most other clubs. Where most soccer teams have uniforms using "powerful" primary colors like red and blue, Anderlecht's trademark home jersey RSC Anderlecht Away Shirt 2014 - 2015hue is a deep purple color. And this year, with a new away Anderlecht football shirt, the team has doubled down on the unusual color schemes.

Indeed, the RSC Anderlecht away jersey 2014 2015 is a vibrant new direction for a shirt that has, at least recently, just been an inverted color version of the team's home shirt. Last year's away jersey was a traditional white kit with purple trim. This year's away shirt, meanwhile, is a vibrant neon pink, with the same purple trim, as well as a green square in the center of the torso, the logo of team sponsor, BNP Parbas. Make no mistake, you will not see a more explosively colorful jersey on the soccer pitch this season.

You can get your hands on the new Anderlecht football shirt today, with the help of the Soccer Box online store. We have stock ready to go for the 2014 2015 Belgian Pro League season, which, unlike most association football leagues around Europe, has already commenced its season.

The 2014 2015 Season

That's right: while most soccer leagues, from the English Premier League to the Spanish La Liga, are waiting until the end of August to get underway, the Belgian Pro League began seasonal play on July 27th, shortly after players returned from the World Cup in Brazil.

So far, the season has been a positive one for Anderlecht, though the team has only played a couple of games. The vibrant pink RSC Anderlecht away jersey 2014 2015 made its official Pro League debut in an away match against KV Oostende. Whether Oostende was distracted by the pink jerseys or simply outplayed on the field, the match ended in a 2-0 victory in favor of Anderlecht.

Last Year

The strong season opening for RSC Anderlecht is hardly surprising. Last year, Anderlecht ended the season in third place on the Belgian Pro League table, trailing behind Standard Liege and Club Brugge with a record of 18 wins, three draws, and nine losses.

That regular season record was decent for Anderlecht but not quite good enough to be a national champion. After all, Standard Liege was a good deal more consistent, notching 20 wins, but only three losses, while Club Brugge had a loss tally of five.

It was in the Belgian Pro League's unique "post season playoff" where Anderlecht emerged as a top flight team. The playoff which, for those unfamiliar with the Belgian Pro League, includes the top six regular season teams, each placed into the playoff with a certain point total based on their regular season performance saw each team playing ten matches.

Of its ten matches, Anderlecht won seven, drew one, and lost only two. Comparatively, Standard Liege and Club Brugge could only muster four and five wins, respectively, a fact that put Anderlecht as the clear winner of the playoff. The victory gave Anderlecht enough points to edge out Standard Liege and claim the Belgian Pro League title.

A Repeat of History?

Needless to say, Anderlecht chose the perfect moment to peak last season. The win was in direct contrast to Anderlecht's Pro League victory from the year before. Then, Anderlecht had completed a stellar regular season and had essentially coasted to a win in the playoff with only four wins. Both seasons ended in victory for the Anderlecht squad, but in markedly different ways.

Now, fans are wondering what kind of season the RSC Anderlecht away jersey 2014 2015 will herald. Will it be another year where the team performs decently (if unremarkably) in the regular season, and then comes on strong with a world-class playoff round? Or will Anderlecht be in control of the season from the beginning?

Only time will tell, but we know one thing. You won't want to miss cheering for Anderlecht as the team shoots for its fourth consecutive Belgian Pro League title. And what better way to root for this dynamic, unpredictable team than with a brand-new pink Anderlecht football shirt?