The players from the Arsenal football club have been on fire as of late. A New Year's Day away loss against Southampton may have been a bit of stumbling block, but other than that the team has been winning fixtures left and right since Christmas. A Boxing Day triumph over Queens Park Rangers functioned as a holiday gift of sorts for fans, while the club's last match of the year-an away game with West Ham United-earned the Gunners a place in the 2014 2015 Premier League top five. Now, the squad has won their biggest victory yet: taking down Manchester City. Celebrate this substantial success with a brand new Arsenal kit from Soccer Box!

Soccer Box has everything you need to root for the Gunners, and you can bet that the club will be obtaining some new fans now that they've defeated the reigning league champions. From the red and white home kit to the yellow and navy blue Arsenal away jersey 2014 2015, we are well stocked on Arsenal football gear. Right now, our kids and adult away kit variations are even available at 20% off discount prices! In other words, it's the perfect time to grab a new football jersey or training kit at Soccer Box.

Arsenal Kit

Manchester City

This season, Manchester City was going to be a big hurdle for Arsenal, regardless of the circumstances. It didn't matter if the Gunners would be meeting the Sky Blues at home or away, or which month the two clubs met. With a 2013 2014 Premier League title on their resume, and a slot near the top of the 2014 2015 table, Man City has looked all season long like a force to be reckoned with.

Suffice to say that fans wearing the new Arsenal kit were glad to see their club escape with a draw when they played the Sky Blues at home in the fall. The fixture, played on September 13th, went back and forth with points, each soccer team trading the advantage, but ultimately ended at a 2-2 tie.

The Gunners were lucky to force a draw in that game. Even now, Man City has only drawn five fixtures and lost three, throughout the entire 2014 2015 season. And they've bested strong teams like Southampton even without the home field advantage. However, if Arsenal couldn't even beat the Sky Blues in their home stadium, in front of adoring fans wearing the red and white of their jersey, how could they hope to clinch an away match?

As players donned the Arsenal away jersey 2014 2015 and prepared to face Manchester on January 18th, the odds didn't look to be in their favor. After all, last year when they'd played an away game at Etihad Stadium, they'd left the pitch as losers, with the scoreboard reading 3-6. What if history repeated itself?

A Strong Showing

Luckily, though, the Gunners and their fans needn't have worried. Arsenal's momentum continued, allowing them to take the lead at the 24-minute mark thanks to a penalty goal from midfielder Santi Cazorla.

Furthermore, as the match went forward, the Gunners gained confidence and the fans in the new Arsenal kit cheered louder. A rusty Manchester couldn't figure out a way to circumnavigate the Arsenal defense, while the defenders in the Sky Blue jersey struggled to stave off the away team's attacks.

Ultimately, the tides of the game were just against Man City. At the 67-minute mark, Cazorla marked himself as the true MVP of the match, providing an assist that Olivier Giroud converted into a goal. Just like that, the wearers of the Arsenal away jersey 2014 2015 were up two points, and it's a lead that wouldn't be broken. At full time, they had shut out the Sky Blues 2-0.

The victory didn't change Arsenal's position on the 2014 2015 league table-they're still in fifth-but it did improve their point tally in the standings, as well as their goal difference rating. And based on how the football team has been doing lately, they will only continue to improve their position as the season goes on.

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