The Arsenal FA Cup 2014 - 2015 run is coming to a close, on May 30th, they will face off against Aston Villa in the championship match for the title of Champion. Should the Gunners win the game-which they are strongly favored to do-they will not only have clinched their second consecutive FA Cup victory, but they will have also set a new record in the annals of the long-standing football tournament. Right now, both Arsenal and Manchester United have won the Football Association event on 11 previous occasions. Last year, the Gunners tied the record by beating out Hull City in the final match; this year, the soccer club has the chance to break the record, and to become the most successful team in FA Cup history.

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The 2014 2015 FA Cup

Right from the beginning, Arsenal were frontrunners to win the 2014 2015 Football Association title. As defending champions (as well as new co-record holders with Manchester United), the Gunners were always expected to do well in this year's tournament.

Still, even though they were favorites from the beginning, the wearers of the Arsenal home jersey 2014 2015 have still managed to exceed expectations throughout the competition. Starting with a rematch victory over Hull City in the third round, Arsenal have been downright unstoppable in their campaign to return to the finals and clinch another title.

Indeed, in the fourth round, the Gunners managed a 3-2 away win against Brighton & Hove Albion-even as other Premier League teams faltered and fell. That round saw the early exits of Chelsea, Manchester City, Southampton, and Tottenham Hotspur. Both Manchester United and Liverpool nearly bowed out of the tournament as well, but won their match-ups based on replay fixtures.

Suddenly, the Gunners weren't just the defending champions in the FA Cup, but also one of the lone hopes for the Premier League to secure a title in the 2014 2015 tournament. If that revelation put extra pressure on the soccer club, though, they didn't show it. On February 15th, they donned the Arsenal home jersey 2014 2015 for a 2-0 fifth round victory against Middlesbrough (the team that had upset Man City in the previous round).

Less than a month later, the Gunners eliminated Man United in the quarterfinals, setting up a clear path toward the 2014 2015 title. And following an extra-time victory over Reading in the semifinals, Arsenal are now just playing a waiting game until they can take on Aston Villa at the end of May.

The Final Match

When the Gunners don the Arsenal home jersey 2014 2015 on May 30th, they will do so with the knowledge that they are the odds-on favorites to win. They will also do so with confidence that they can beat their opponents in decisive fashion, because they have already done so twice this season.

Both times that the Gunners competed against Aston Villa this season, the outcomes fell strongly in favor of the red and white. In a September 20th away match, Arsenal crushed Villa's home field advantage to win 3-0, and on February 1st, they pummeled the Lions 5-0-their biggest win of the entire 2014 2015 season.

In other words, the chances of Arsenal losing the FA Cup 2014 - 2015 and failing to set a new record in the tournament are minimal at best. Celebrate that fact and cheer for the football club today, with a new Arsenal jersey from Soccer Box. You can also follow Soccer Box on social media-whether to watch for updates on the big May 30th championship, or to keep an eye out for new jersey releases or store discounts. We can be found on Pinterest, and Google +, as well as other popular channels.