Last season, Arsenal FC won their first FA Cup title in nine years and their 11th overall. That tied the club with Manchester United as the most successful team in the history of the tournament. This year, the Gunners are looking to defend their title and win a second consecutive trophy at the event. You can support their campaign with a brand new 2014 2015 Arsenal FC kit, available at Soccer Box!

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Consecutive Titles

With the 2014 2015 FA Cup, Arsenal FC is shooting for a second consecutive triumph at the prestigious Football Association tournament. If they can pull it off, they will be the first team to win back-to-back trophies at the contest since Chelsea did it in 2009 and 2010.

Historically, it's not all that common for clubs to win the Football Association Cup year after year. In the early years of the contest, it happened all the time, with clubs like the Wanderers and the Blackburn Rovers building impressive four-year dynasties. Round about the 1920s, though, the winners list diversified and consecutive victories became rarer.

Tottenham Hotspur achieved the longest winning streak at the event in the early 1980s. The wearers of the Arsenal FC kit have achieved back-to-back victories before, though, in 2002 and 2003. They're looking to replicate the feat in 2014 2015.


So far, that mission is going quite well for the Gunners. In the third round, they donned the Arsenal home jersey 2014 2015 for a fixture with Hull City. The game was notable since it was a rematch of the 2013 2014 championship match that Arsenal won to claim last year's trophy.

Last spring, Arsenal beat Hull City 3-2 in extra time to claim the tournament title. This year, the outcome wasn't as close. The home team won 2-0, eliminating Hull City from the FA Cup, and moving on to the fourth round.

The fourth round was a bloodbath of sorts for respected Premier League sides, with Chelsea, Manchester City, Southampton, and Tottenham Hotspur all suffering upsets and exiting the soccer competition. Arsenal, meanwhile, won 3-2 in an away fixture with Brighton & Hove Albion.

With most top flight competitors eliminated by the fifth round, fans in the Arsenal FC kit theorized that their team's pathway to a second consecutive tournament win might be all but clear. That theory was given even greater credence on Sunday, February 15th, when the Gunners smashed Middlesbrough 2-0 in a home fixture.

Middlesbrough, a second-tier football club in England, wasn't expected to give the reigning tournament champions much of a challenge. However, the team did upset Manchester City in the fifth round of the event, besting the current Premier League champs 2-0 in a home fixture. In other words, Middlesbrough was a wild card-at least to a certain extent.

Luckily, the Gunners were able to do what MCFC hadn't. Clad in the red and white of the Arsenal home jersey 2014 2015, the soccer squad cruised to victory with confidence and solid play style. Olivier Giroud scored both goals, but the entire team deserves accolades for the win. From Alexis Sanchez and Kieran Gibbs, who provided assists, to the defensive line, who held Middlesbrough scoreless, the victory was a display of all of Arsenal's talent.

Now, the Gunners will face off against Manchester United in the quarterfinals. This game, scheduled for March 9th, is sure to be a true clash of the titans. After all, these two soccer teams are both shooting for a 12th Football Association title in 2014 2015. Only one of them will have a chance at reaching the final.

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