Arsenal is one of the most successful English Premier League football clubs. They have an abundance of world-class players. Each of these players wants to wear the most advanced kit possible to prevent injury while they play the sport they love. The feet are very vulnerable to injury and take a lot of strain during a game of soccer, at both professional and amateur levels. The Arsenal football socks have been developed to provide the best possible foot protection.

Arsenal Home Football Socks 2012 - 2014

Nike is the current manufacturer of the Arsenal kit. This deal ends with the 2013 - 2014 season; the team's new kit supplier will be Puma. Nike has developed the Arsenal football socks that are worn by the team to the highest specification. You can shop for the official Nike Arsenal football kit, including the home and away socks, at Soccer Box while supplies last.

The latest Arsenal home football socks 2012 - 2014 will be worn alongside the home football shirt and shorts for the rest of this Premier League season. The socks are white in color with red and navy blue hoops around the centre of the calf. Knitted into the red hoop is a white Nike Swoosh on the front at the back is the word 'Arsenal'. These socks look fantastic, while also being packed with supportive features.

Nike is an American sports wear manufacturer. They have been manufacturing team soccer kits for over 20 years, and work tirelessly to develop cutting edge technology and fabrics that will provide advanced performance in the sports arena. The Arsenal home football socks 2012 - 2014 are no exception. They have been designed for professional footballers but are also perfect for amateur players.

At any level football is an intense game, putting substantial pressure on the feet. Many of your favorite football players spend substantial amounts of time sitting on the sidelines due to injury, often these injuries occur in the feet. The Arsenal football socks have been designed to provide protection to the feet, as well as being comfortable to wear for long periods of running around.

During a 90 minute match your favorite Arsenal players typically run 10 Kilometers, and in addition to this they sprint a further 1000 meters. Running up and down also involves frequent changes of direction this creates extra force within the body that can equate to multiplying the players weight by 5 times. This additional weight is supported by the feet, which are stressed and easily injured. The latest Arsenal football socks aim to provide additional support to avoid injury.

Nike using the latest sports science technology has engineered the Arsenal football socks. The design aims to counteract some of the weight bearing pressures on the feet during a match. When teamed with a good quality, well-fitting pair of soccer boots your feet will be better protected. The risk of injury is minimized but cannot be completely removed, as is the nature of the game.

Nike has developed a unique fabric that they have called Dri-fit. Nike uses this fabric in all of the team soccer kits they manufacture, including the Arsenal football socks. This fabric is designed to draw moisture away from the skin and increase airflow. Wet, sweaty feet can cause many problems the build up of bacteria in warm moist conditions can cause athletes foot and other infections. These socks will help combat this problem when used in conjunction with good foot hygiene and regular cleaning and maintenance of both soccer socks and boots.

As well as advanced fabric technology the Arsenal football socks have been ergonomically designed. Each sock is specifically designed to fit the left or right foot, and features an 'L' or an 'R' to denote this. Each sock is fitted with specialized areas of padding to protect the more vulnerable areas of the foot, including the toes, ankles and Achilles. Protecting these vulnerable areas also guards against injury and strain to knee and thigh muscles.

Wearing the Arsenal home football socks 2012 - 2014 is a great way of showing that you support the Gunners. Wearing them on the soccer pitch will help to protect your feet in numerous ways. As a football player good quality, sports engineered socks and boots are the most important components of your kit. Shop for your Arsenal kit now and play like a pro!

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