The biggest football fans out there truly go all-out in support of their favorite teams, from decorating their rooms in club colors to amassing collections of team jerseys and merchandise. At Soccer Box, we like to support this collecting hobby, as we view it to be one of the most fun and infectious parts of following league football. Our selection of Arsenal items is one of the largest and most varied in our online store, and whether you are looking for an Arsenal navy cap to shield your eyes from the sun, or for an Arsenal wall clock to make sure you never miss a football match, we've got you covered.

Arsenal Gift Shop

A Wide Range of Options

The appeal of the Arsenal gift shop doesn't stop with caps, clocks, quilts, and coffee mugs, though. On the contrary, Soccer Box has more than 130 Arsenal-related gifts, from practical everyday use items (toothbrushes, dishes, silverware, key chains, calculators, pencils, etc.) to items that are just fun to collect (teddy bears, scarves, boxing gloves, soccer balls, piggy banks, dog bowls, etc.). Suffice to say that, when you visit Soccer Box, there is virtually no type of Arsenal-branded merchandise that you can't find.

We are particularly taken with the Arsenal navy cap, an embroidered baseball cap made by the sports merchandise company, Home Win. The cap is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for those sunny days at Emirates Stadium where seeing the team on the field is made a bit more difficult by the glare of the sun.

Good Things to Come

With Arsenal in good position going into the 2014 2015 Premier League season, you'll want to make sure you don't miss any of the action thanks to sunny glare. While it's true that the Arsenal football club hasn't won a title in the English Premier League since the 2003 2004 season, the team still has three Premier League titles under its belt. That's as many as Chelsea has, and more than any other club except for Manchester United. In other words, Arsenal is a football club that can never be written off as a title contender.

Last year, when Manchester United fell by the wayside with one of the most mediocre season performances in its history, the Premier League's other top football teams rallied to take advantage of the wide-open title. While Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea ended up being the three teams fighting for the trophy, Arsenal was always in fourth place, with a strong 24-7-7 record that wasn't too far from title contention territory.

More importantly though, Arsenal's 24 wins in the 2013 2014 was the highest number of Premier League victories that the team had landed in a single season since 2007 2008 season. In the years since, Arsenal has remained consistently in the third or fourth place slots, but last season saw an improved performance from the team, and if that improvement continues into the upcoming season, it could mean big things for Arsenal.

In any case, Arsenal's chances in the 2014 2015 Premier League will become more obvious when the season begins on August 16. Arsenal's first match, a home game against Crystal Palace, likely won't provide much challenge for the team, but week two (away, versus Everton) and week four (home, versus Manchester City) should bring more excitement. Make sure you've got your Arsenal navy cap ready to block out the sun and enjoy the football matches fully!

Whether you are looking for a baseball cap, a scarf, or some other kind of team merchandise, you can find it on Soccer Box's Arsenal gift shop