Just a few weeks shy of the one-third mark for the Premier League season, the Arsenal football squad are in a characteristically good place on the standings table: just outside of the top five. The club's usual unshakable consistency has remained mostly unshakable this fall, as they've racked up a record of four wins, five draws, and two losses. If the Gunners can continue that level of consistency throughout the duration, then they could achieve their 20th consecutive top five Premier League finish come next May. Cheer for that outcome with brand new Arsenal training gear, available now at Soccer Box.

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Arsenal Training Kit

The Amazing Streak

Arsenal has only won three English football championships in the past 20 years. That number seems minimal compared to a soccer club like Manchester United, who have won 11 First Division trophies in the same time span. However, the team has also built one of the most impressive streaks in soccer history during that time span, a fact that fans won't be forgetting throughout the season.

Indeed, ever since a 1994 1995 12th place finish, the Gunners have been the Premier League's most consistent football squad. In each of the 19 seasons since then, they've finished in the top five. In fact, from 1998 to 2005, they were perpetually in the top two.

The soccer team has oscillated between the third and fourth-place positions ever since. Of course, many have hoped that the squad's time in their Arsenal training gear would eventually pay off in the form of another title. But even though it has now been over a decade since Arsenal's last English championship, the club has continued to grow its streak-to the point that 2014 2015 could mark a 20th consecutive top-five finish.

Season Play So Far

Football fans, of course, will want to have the Arsenal red leisure jacket and other club gear to remember the year the streak hit a new benchmark. And based on recent play, there's no reason to suspect that the Gunners won't be right back in the upper five slots at the end of the season.

To an outsider, it may seem as if Arsenal doesn't win enough matches to truly be one of the Premier League greats. Indeed, the team's only victories this fall have been wins against Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Sunderland, and Burnley. However, the Gunners are able to get by on draws because they rarely lose matches.

In the 2014 2015 premier division, Arsenal has only lost two matches: one against current table leaders, Chelsea, and another against Swansea City. Chelsea is currently undefeated in domestic play. Most of the other soccer clubs on the table have three or more losses, with Arsenal being an exception, along with Southampton and Manchester City.

Membership in that exclusive club is reason enough to purchase some Arsenal training gear and cheer the team on. Even though the other high-ranking clubs in the division have all won more matches, the Gunners have stayed in the winner's circle thanks to consistency-their trademark.

The 2013 2014 Year

Of course, fans in the Arsenal red leisure jacket may remember that Arsenal was one of the big-winning clubs last fall. Indeed, the team won nine of its first 12 matches last season, drawing just one and losing two.

Those numbers kept the squad in the number one position for much of the cycle, before a number of losses pushed them down the standings a bit. By May, they had assembled a record of 24 wins, seven draws, and seven losses.

Could the Gunners be on the way to a similar-or superior-record in? If you believe so, stop by Soccer Box today to root for a 20th consecutive top-five finish. Whether you are looking for Arsenal training gear, a red leisure training jacket, or competitive jerseys and other gear, you can find it here!