Arsenal Away Shirt 2013 - 2014Most people in the worldwide soccer community or the English football league scene wouldn't traditionally call the Arsenal football club an underdog. While Arsenal doesn't have as much success on the English stage as, say, Manchester United, the club has managed to attain more victories in the Premier League than most other teams in England. This year however, the team's win-loss-draw record has put it in an underdog position for the Premier League title not that you would know it from looking at Soccer Box's Arsenal shop.

Indeed, the Soccer Box online store has arguably seen an uptick in the levels of interest for the Arsenal football club in recent weeks, to the point that our Arsenal merchandise from this year's Arsenal away kit jersey to non-clothing items like mugs, calculators, and even piggy banks have been selling above expectation.

Premier League Possibilities

Precisely why is the Arsenal shop getting so much attention among Soccer Box shoppers? Perhaps it's because Manchester United is out of the running for this year's Premier League. After claiming the division title for five of the past seven seasons, Manchester United has hit a rough patch this year and is sitting out of reach of the lead in seventh place.

Arsenal, on the other hand, has slightly better odds. While not currently in the discussion for the title most betting odds are choosing either Liverpool, Chelsea, or Manchester City, all of which are within three points of one another on the Premier League standings the team is hardly out of all contention. On the contrary, at seven points out of the leadership position and with a bit of a winning streak going at the moment, Arsenal might still have time to make itself a contender.

Perhaps the recent winning streak is why the Arsenal away kit has been such a hot commodity lately. Fans know that every single factor might affect whether or not their team gets a shot at claiming the Premier League title, and are doing everything in their power to enhance the momentum. Obviously, cheering their team on with the proper gear is one big way to do that.

Ripe for Victory

A victory in the Premier League this year, though it is certainly a long shot, would be a bit of poetic justice for the Arsenal football club. After the Premier League was officially established in the 1992 1993 season (replacing England's old "Football League First Division), Arsenal quickly established itself as one of the most notable and consistent players for the crown.

Of course, Arsenal couldn't be too consistent. Ever since the Premier League became a thing, Manchester United has been the division's dominating force. Of the 21 Premier League titles that have so far been bestowed upon England teams, Man United has won a whopping 13 of them.

That stunning statistic hasn't left many titles for other teams to scrape together, a fact that makes it all the more surprising that Arsenal has claimed the league championship on three separate occasions. The only other team to have won the league more than once is Chelsea, which has also taken the title three times.

Despite Arsenal's triumvirate of wins, however, it has been a while now since the team was a true contender. Between 1997 and 2005, Arsenal either won the Premier League or was the runner-up. However, the team hasn't stood atop the podium since the 2003 2004 season, and hasn't been a second place entry since the season after that. With the FA Cup and European titles also alluding Arsenal it is high time some victories were celebrated at the Emirates Stadium.

In other words, many fans this season are donning their Arsenal away kit with the belief that their team is overdue for another Premier League triumph. Since this season marks 10 years since Arsenal's last title, a win this year would be poetic.

Do you think it's time that Arsenal won another Premier League? Or do you believe that the current division leader, Liverpool, is deserving of its first Premier League win? If you answer yes to the first question, stop by the Soccer Box Arsenal shop today and stock up on team gear.