Arsenal Womens Home Jersey 2014 - 2015Arsenal is a popular English football club, they are well known for their Premier League team and the Arsenal soccer jerseys sell well worldwide in support of the team. However, it is not just men's football that is played at Arsenal, the ladies team plays in the top-flight FA Women's Super League (WSL) and is becoming increasingly popular.

Women's football is increasing in popularity both as a spectator and player sport. When releasing the brand new home football kit Puma has also launched the Arsenal women's home shirt 2014 2015. This is the home shirt but adapted to fit the feminine figure with a slimmer waist, and wider hips for a contoured fit. You can shop for your ladies football shirt at Soccer Box while stocks last.

Arsenal Soccer Jerseys

Women's Football 

Men's teams have always been the mainstay of football worldwide, competitions such as the World Cup are internationally televised, huge sporting events that attract excessive media and public attention. Women's football does not generate any such media attention, however over recent years the sport has become more popular.

Since the 2012 Olympics that were held in London, the popularity of women's football, particularly in the UK, has increased dramatically. Kit suppliers such as Nike, Adidas and the new supplier of the Arsenal soccer jerseys Puma, have always produced kits that are used for the ladies and youth squads as well as the popular 1st teams. However, more recently fans have been wearing their kits in appreciation of these lesser-advertised teams.

The Arsenal Ladies football club has been established for 27 years, since 1987. The 1st English league for women's football was not established until 1991, the current FA WSL was introduced in 2011 as the highest level of English football. Arsenal Ladies played in the FA Women's Premier League National Division until the FA WSL was introduced.

Arsenal was one of the founding members of the FA WSL and is consistently pushing for change and reform to further increase the capacity and popularity of women's football. In 2014 the WSL has expanded to become 2 divisions, the 1st division, with 8 member team's, in which the Arsenal women's home shirt 2014 2015 features, and a 2nd division with 10 teams. Promotion and relegation between these divisions is now a possibility adding to the excitement for the clubs and fans.

Arsenal Ladies Success

The Arsenal women's team is the most successful of all ladies football teams. They Arsenal soccer jerseys are known for success in the English men's association football league, and this is a continued phenomenon in women's league football.

Since their foundation in 1987 Arsenal Ladies have won no less that 40 titles, both at domestic and international levels. They hold the record for most Women's Premier League National Division titles at 12, and also in the newly introduced WSL they have won twice, again a record. In addition they have won a record number of FA Women's Cup, WSL Continental Cup, Women's Premier League Cup and Women's Community Shield at 13, 3, 10 and 5 respectively. This impressive record is enough to suggest that keen soccer fans would enjoy watching the Arsenal Ladies as much as their male counterparts.

2014 Performance 

In the 2013 FA WSL the Arsenal Ladies finished 3rd. The FA WSL runs different season dates to the standard Premier League with their games being played from March October. The 2014 FA WSL is well under way but to date the strength of the opposition is shining through.

The ladies team that sports the Arsenal women's home shirt 2014 2015 has so far played 7 matches they have won 2, drawn 1, and lost 4 giving them 7 points and 6th place in the table. This weekend they will meet Notts County Ladies in a bid to secure another 3 points and move up the table.

Arsenal's Premier League team manager Arsene Wenger recently opened the new West Stand at the Boreham Wood Meadow Park Stadium that is used to host women's WSL matches, as well as youth team games. This weekend's match against Notts County will be hosted at Boreham Wood and is expected to attract around 700 spectators. Maybe an insignificant sum compared to the capacity at the Emirates Stadium, but it does show an increasing trend toward Ladies football.

Whether you choose to watch women's football or simply want to support the Gunners wearing a ladies shirt you can order your brand new Arsenal soccer jerseys online at Soccer Box.