Arsenal cemented their status as 2014 2015 FA Cup frontrunners on Monday, March 9th, toppling Manchester United in an away game to progress to the semifinals. Arsenal is the defending champion Arsenal Kids Away Shirt 2014 - 2015in the prestigious and longstanding English football tournament. The club is also gunning for its 12th title in the event-a record for the FA Cup. Needless to say, it's been an exciting week for fans of the Gunners, and they can celebrate all of that excitement with a visit to the Arsenal soccer shop at Soccer Box!

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Manchester United

The 2014 2015 FA Cup has been action-packed and unpredictable, to say the least. Many of the perceived frontrunners of the event (including Chelsea and Manchester City) were eliminated from contention, leaving Arsenal and Man United as the top representatives from the Premier League.

To add to the drama of the tournament, the two clubs were not set up to meet one another in the final, but in the quarterfinals. And so it was that the Gunners took the pitch at Old Trafford to take on Manchester's Red Devils last Monday. Fans browsing Soccer Box's Arsenal soccer shop knew to expect a competitive game. After all, these two teams were not only the top remaining contenders in this year's FAC tournament, but they were also both gunning for the same record-breaking run this year.

Indeed, both the Gunners and the Red Devils have won 11 FA Cup titles over the years. Man Utd did it first, winning their most recent tournament in the 2003 2004 season. Arsenal, of course, did it second, tying the record with last year's victory over Hull City. In other words, the March 9th clash between the two squads was not just any game, but a battle of wills to see which football club would get a chance at breaking the record this year.

Needless to say, fans in the Arsenal youth away jersey 2014 2015 were both nervous and excited going into the Monday away fixture. They needn't have worried, though: the Red Devils may have had the home field advantage, but Arsenal brought the hunger, taking the lead just 25 minutes in thanks to a goal from defender Nacho Monreal.

United captain Wayne Rooney worked hard to keep his team in the game, converting an assist from Angel di Maria just four minutes later to equalize the score. After that, things took a rough turn for the home team.

Indeed, the Man Utd squad got into scoring position several times, but their shots were wide on more than one occasion. The Red Devils also collected a laundry list of fouls (including yellow cards for five different plays) culminating in a red card for Angel di Maria at the 76-minute mark.

Arsenal took advantage of Man Utd's sloppy play. They took the lead midway through the second half with a goal from Danny Welbeck, and never looked back. At full time, the score was 2-1, and Gunners fans had ample reason to celebrate-and to head off to Soccer Box's Arsenal soccer shop for some new team gear!

The Next Steps

The win puts the Arsenal football club into the semifinals for the 2014 2015-though it isn't clear yet which team they will be playing just yet. Aston Villa has also qualified for the semifinal round, though they will be playing in the other of the two matches. Aston will face either Liverpool or the Blackburn Rovers, while the Gunners will contend with either Reading FC or Bradford City. Either way, get your Arsenal youth away jersey 2014 2015 or adult football shirt ready for the big game!

Both of those clubs are lower-tier English football teams (second tier for Reading, third for Bradford), so the Gunners look like sure bets to make it to the finals of this year's FAC tournament. Will they win a record 12th title? Only time will tell, but make sure to check out Soccer Box's Arsenal soccer shop before April 17th semifinal fixtures. Whether you are looking for a youth jersey or an adult-sized hoodie, you can find it here!