Arsenal is an English football club. They were founded in 1886 and have been one of the most successful English teams. Successful teams do not just have lots, of million pound players, they work hard all year round to ensure they win matches and score points. If you want to play like the professionals you need train hard too. The Arsenal training kit has been specially developed, by Nike, and is available for you to purchase too!

Nike manufactures the Arsenal training kit, as well as the team's home and away football shirt. Nike is the one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers. They develop high quality performance sports fabrics, including the famous Dri-fit brand. These fabrics are used throughout the Arsenal product range.  Nike has manufactured the team's kits since 1994, but the contract is due to expire at the end of this 2013 - 2014 season.

Last year Arsenal decided to end their long-standing relationship with Nike. They have signed a new agreement with popular German sportswear manufacturer Puma. This is one of the biggest kit agreements to date, and is worth £25m per season, over the next 5 seasons. From the beginning of the 2014 - 2015 football season, the match day soccer jerseys and Arsenal training kit will all feature the Puma logo.

In preparation for the new Arsenal Puma football kits, the current Nike training collection is on special offer at the Soccer Box online shop. The products in this range are great for wearing as an alternative to the home or away shirts. The collection includes performance sportswear such as tracksuits, pre-match tops and sweat pants as well as leisure items including polo shirts, and the Arsenal yellow core hoodie.

The Arsenal Training Shirt is a fantastic product, and is currently half price, so shop now while stock lasts. This yellow hoody is great for wearing every day. All yellow in color it is designed to match this season's away football shirt. The front of the hoody is adorned with a large blue Arsenal crest, and small Nike logo. The hoodie comprises of 80% cotton and 20% polyester for a durable but comfortable feel.

You will be able to see your favorite Arsenal football players wearing items from the Arsenal training kit collection throughout the season. When travelling to away soccer games, and giving interviews, the team will wear some of the more comfortable leisure items, including the polo shirts and hoodies. Prior to games, and when waiting on the sidelines the tracksuits and pre-match tops will be worn.

The Arsenal training kit is primarily developed for use at the teams training centre, in Colney, Hertfordshire. When Arsene Wenger took over as manager in 1996 the teams training ground was based at the University College London, where the facilities were shared with college teams. Wenger immediately complained that the facilities and access were inadequate for a Premier League club, and campaigned for the club to build its own facilities.

In 1998 it was agreed the club could build their new centre on greenfield land in Colney. This new training centre opened on 11th October 1999, it includes 10 full size football pitches, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and massage rooms as well as a pool for hydrotherapy. As well as wearing the Arsenal training kit for soccer practice, the team can enjoy other sports and recreational activities such as squash and basketball.

The teams top players including Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere work extremely hard when wearing their Arsenal training kit. Professional football players, train every day. Management and coaching staff plan rigorous training routines, individually tailored to the needs of each player. Diet, is also strictly monitored ensuring each player maintains his optimum level of health and fitness.

Such a rigid training schedule would not suit most amateur football players. However, the Arsenal yellow core hoodie and other training kit products are perfect for using during soccer practice. Alternatively it can be worn at the game or everyday to show support for the team. While the entire range is on special offer, place your order now at Soccer Box!

What do you think of Arsenal's move to Puma? Do you think you could handle the training schedule of a professional footballer?

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