Arsenal football club didn't start 2015 off in the best fashion, losing 0-2 in an away match against Southampton. Luckily, the team quickly made up for that New Year's Day loss with a strong debut in 2014 2015 FA Cup. Indeed, the Gunners beat Hull City 2-0, at home, to earn entrance into the next round of the prestigious soccer tournament. Celebrate their first big 2015 success today, with a brand Arsenal Yellow Training Top 2014 - 2015new Arsenal training kit or home top, available at Soccer Box.

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Arsenal Training Kit

Football Association Cup Action

Pick up a blue or yellow Arsenal training kit today to mark the team's recent success in the FA Cup tournament. Like most of the other high-profile soccer clubs in the Premier League, the Gunners received an automatic bye into the third round of the tournament. That bye matched the squad up with Hull City, who they beat easily.

The win over Hull wasn't terribly surprising. While the two teams entered into a 2-2 draw when they faced each other earlier in the 2014 2015 Premier League season, Arsenal is also currently the reigning FA Cup champion. Needless to say, the Gunners had the advantage going in.

The 2013 2014 Final

Interestingly, the game ended up being a rematch of the Football Association tournament final from last year. The 2013 2014 competition ultimately came down to Arsenal and Hull City as the last two teams standing.

The pair of squads did battle for the oldest trophy in association football history back in May. The gladiatorial-like proceedings were played out at Wembley Stadium, with fans in the Arsenal yellow training top 2014 2015 or red home shirt on one side of the stands, and supporters of the Hull City Tigers on the other side.

By any measure, the game was an incredibly exciting one. The Tigers took an early lead, scoring the first goal of the match just four minutes in, and adding a second point just four minutes after that. For a moment, it looked as if the team would be winning their first FA Cup title ever.

The Gunners had other plans. Rather than losing hope as a result of the early deficit, the club's players kept their heads down and played football. Many lesser soccer squads would have lost focus after going down 0-2 just eight minutes into the game, but the Gunners' time in practicing in the Arsenal training kit had clearly prepared them for something like this.

Because slowly but surely, Arsenal wormed their way back into the match. At the 17-minute mark, they were on the board. At the 71-minute mark, they equalized the score. At 90 minutes, the game was tied and forced into extra time. And 100 minutes after the last goal from Hull City, Aaron Ramsey found the back of the net and gave Arsenal the victory.

An Impressive Legacy

The win over the Tigers was not only one of the best football fixtures of the entire year, in all of Europe, but it was also a new badge of honor for Arsenal's legacy. As fans collected items like the Arsenal training top or home kit, the team itself was celebrating its 11th FA Cup trophy.

After all, no club has ever won the tournament more than 11 times, and only one other soccer squad (Manchester United) has managed the same feat. Such a fact is enough to get fans in the Arsenal yellow training top 2014 2015 shaking in anticipation for the 2014 2015 FA Cup.

What if the Gunners win again and claim that elusive 12th title? The Win over the Tigers in the third round of the competition is a good start, but there is a still a long road to the May final. Help the squad along with a new Arsenal training kit, available at Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a yellow training top or a blue pre-match kit, we've got you covered.