The 2014 2015 season was a strong one for AS Roma, ending in a second-place finish in the Italian Serie A. It was the football club's sixth runner-up finish in the Italian top flight in the past decade. Yet AS Roma Home Shirt 2015 - 2016despite the fact that the Wolves consistently crop up near the top of the Serie A table, they haven't actually won an Italian football championship since 2001. The team looks to change that fact during the 2015/16 season, and they've launched a brand new AS Roma home kit 2015 - 2016 to mark the start of their next chapter.

The AS Roma home jersey 2015 2016-unveiled in early June by Roma and their kit manufacturers, Nike-boasts a slightly modernized redesign of last year's home shirt. The jersey retains the maroon color and golden trim of the 2014 2015 home kit. However, the design is updated this time around, ditching the polo style look of last year's shirt for a slick notch color. It's a bold and modern new look for the Wolves, and a fitting change for a football team fighting to end a 15-year title draught.

Roma Football Kit

Paying Tribute to Roman Heritage

Supposedly, the new notched neckline on the Roma home shirt has thematic significance, recalling the AS Roma Home Kit 2015 - 2016 Nike Advertneckline on suits of armor once worn by the Roman army. The message is clear: AS Roma is ready to go to war and become the dominant force in soccer that the Roman Empire once was in imperial power.

The neckline isn't the only part of the AS Roma home jersey 2015 2016 that pays tribute to the storied heritage of Rome. On the contrary, the Wolves have doubled down on their city pride his year. The jersey numbers on the home kit are proof of this fact, appearing in the usual gold color, but also containing graphics of different Roman landmarks, streets, and more. The effect is subtle, but impressive. Local fans in Rome should take it as an affirmation of the Wolves' unbreakable ties to the city and its culture.

Other Products

Along with the home kit, Nike and AS Roma have also unveiled a range of other official merchandise to AS Roma Home Kit 2015 - 2016 Nike Brillianceget fans ready for the 2015 2016 season. The home shorts are white with stripes of gold running down each side, while the home socks are mostly the same deep maroon shade of the shirt.

At Soccer Box, we also have stock in of the 2015 2016 training jersey, a mahogany shirt made even more striking by its maroon trim and detailing. The combination of these two colors is subtle and muted, but creates an interesting contrast with the home shirt.

As for the 2015 2016 away kit, it hasn't been officially launched yet, but designs have leaked online. Like last year's shirt, the away jersey will be primarily white in color. Unlike last year's away kit, which stood apart from the crowd with a gold and maroon sash cutting diagonally across the shirt, this design is more traditional. There are stripes of gold running up either side of the kit (from the armpit down), as well as bands of gold and maroon on the sleeves, but for the most part, the new AS Roma away jersey is more traditional than its predecessor.

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