On Tuesday, January 20th, AS Roma will do battle with Empoli in the Coppa Italia 2014 2015 round of 16. Based on the club's performance in last year's tournament, as well as how they have been AS Roma Away Shirt 2014 - 2015excelling in the 2014 2015 Serie A, it seems likely that they will progress to the quarterfinals. Root for their chances, both in the football match and the rest of the competition, with a brand new AS Roma jersey from Soccer Box!

Soccer Box has several variations of the AS Roma shirt in stock, like the red and gold home jersey the club will be wearing in their Coppa Italia fixture against Empoli. We also have the Roma away shirt 2014 2015, a striking design from kit manufacturer Nike that boasts a colored red and gold sash on a sleek white V-neck soccer jersey. A dark grey third shirt, as well as several training jersey designs, are available for fans who want a full selection of Wolves merchandise!

Roma Jersey

The Coppa Italia 2013 2014

So why are so many people betting on the wearers of the AS Roma jersey to beat Empoli and move on to the quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia 2014 2015?

First and foremost, it's because the club did so well in the prestigious competition last year. The Wolves lost in the semifinals of the 2013 2014 soccer tournament, falling to Napoli in a two-leg battle. They beat Napoli in the first leg, winning 3-2 in a thrilling home match. However, the tides turned in the away leg, where the Yellow-Reds lost 0-3-and lost their chances at a berth in the finals.

Napoli went on to win the tournament, beating Fiorentina in the final, 3-1. But AS fans had plenty to be proud of: their team had not only made it to the semifinals, but had also beaten Juventus-the top team in Italian football, three years running-in the quarterfinals.

Serie A 

The performance of the Wolves in last year's Italian Cup would be enough to get fans excited to pull on the Roma away shirt 2014 2015 and support their club again this year. Combine that with the football club's recent streak of excellent Serie A performances, though, and AS arguably looks like the frontrunner.

Indeed, through this season and the last, the AS Roma jersey has undoubtedly been the symbol of one of the best football clubs in Italy. Last year, after three seasons in a row of finishing in sixth or seventh position, the Wolves leaped into the Serie A fray in earnest. They won 26 games and only lost five, and while they trailed fairly far behind Juventus in the standings, they were still a solid runner-up in the division.

This year, the soccer squad from Rome has done even better. Indeed, where Juventus claimed the 2013 2014 Serie A title by being 17 points ahead in the standings, the 2014 2015 football season has seen the Yellow-Reds come within just a few points of the reigning victor. During one week early on in the season, they were ahead of Juventus!


The 2014 2015 success of the Wolves has also included a victory over Empoli, which only further advances their chances of progressing to the next Coppa Italia round. Indeed, in only the second week of Serie A competition, players donned the Roma away shirt 2014 2015 to take on Empoli. AS won the away fixture 1-0.

Now, the two squads will meet again. This time, though, the Wolves won't be the away side. Instead, they'll have the home field advantage at their own Stadio Olimpico. And based on how well the Yellow-Reds did during last year's Italian Cup, you can bet that fans will pack the stands, wearing the red home jersey and rooting for their club.

Can the Wolves win their first Coppa Italia title since 2008? Only time will tell, but you can show your support for the squad today with a brand new AS Roma jersey, available at Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for the home shirt, the away jersey, the third shirt or a training kit, you can find it here.