Aston Villa Home Shirt 2014 - 2015The Aston Villa football club may not be at the forefront of the English Premier League nowadays, but as one of the oldest teams in all of English soccer, the club certainly deserves respect. Aston Villa was founded in March of 1874 and celebrated its 140th anniversary this past spring. With that in mind, Soccer Box has of course added the brand new Aston Villa football shirt to our online store.

Indeed, fans of the claret and blue can now find Aston Villa merchandise available for purchase at Soccer Box, including the Aston Villa home jersey 2014 2015 that the team's players will wear in the upcoming season. The jersey is designed by Macron and bears a claret body with classic pinstripes, as well as blue sleeves. The shirt also boasts the beloved Aston Villa logo, a symbol that looks almost like a coat of arms with a lion design and the word "Prepared" inscribed upon it.

A Difficult Season

While the Aston Villa football shirt may look incredibly regal, that doesn't mean that recent statistics for the team itself have been great. On the contrary, during the 2013 2014 season, the Aston Villa football club struggled to get much of a footing in the Premier League, finishing at 15th place on the table with a disappointing record of 10 wins, 8 draws, and 20 losses. The team won enough games to steer three slots shy of relegation, but fans will undoubtedly be hoping for better for next season.

What are the hopes for the Aston Villa home jersey 2014 2015? That's hard to say. Recent years have been troubling for the team, with the average record over the past few seasons hewing fairly close to where the claret and blue landed on the 2013 2014 Premier League table. Because of these stats, many soccer prognosticators aren't yet ready to predict a comeback for the Aston Villa football club.

Looking Back at the Golden Age

With that said, though, Aston Villa was once of the best and most respected teams in English soccer, and the club's most ardent fans believe that the team could return to those previous heights with some hard work, a few star players, and a strong manager.

Looking back, the Aston Villa football shirt hasn't been a symbol of prestige in the soccer community for nearly two decades. In 1996, the team won the League Cup, a victory that preceded years of struggle for the team. From managerial shifts to changes in owners, the ground has shifted underneath Aston Villa quite a bit since that 1996 victory. With that said, though, it's still impossible to forgot how great this soccer team was.

So what are the examples of that former greatness? In 1992, Aston Villa helped to found the Premier League and finished as the runners-up to perennial league champions, Manchester United. Before that, Aston Villa had won the Football League First Division the Premier League's predecessor on seven separate occasions, dominating the league in the 1890s.

Interesting Honors

Aston Villa's seven wins in the Football League First Division have been enough to keep the team on the list of the clubs with the most English league titles. In fact, Aston Villa is fifth on that list, behind only Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Everton. The team is even ahead of modern soccer heavyweights like Chelsea and Manchester United, both of which have only won four English league titles.

The number of league titles aren't the only reason that fans think the Aston Villa home jersey 2014 2015 might still have a bit of magic left in it. In addition to these victories, Aston Villa has also won numerous FA Cups and League Cups, and even scored a European Cup (the predecessor to the Champions League) in 1982. Because of that win, Aston Villa is one of only five English teams that have won the Champions League title.

Ups and downs are standard for sports teams that stick around for as long the Aston Villa football club, but as the team's endearing accomplishments prove, this club still has a legacy worth preserving. You can help with that preservation by working to bring the team back to prominence, and it all starts with fandom and support. Buy an Aston Villa football shirt from Soccer Box today, who knows, your purchase could be the one thing Aston Villa needs to revitalize its image and start winning games again!