Aston Villa might be ranked near the bottom of the 2014 2015 Premier League standings table, but the club has managed to do something that top teams like Chelsea and Manchester City have not: reach the quarterfinals of the 2014 2015 FA Cup. This past weekend, the Lions won a key round of 16 Aston Villa Away Shirt 2014 - 2015fixture against Leicester City, scoring a victory at home to advance another step in the prestigious Football Association tournament. You can celebrate the success of the Claret and Blue with a brand new Aston Villa jersey 2014 - 2015, available at Soccer Box.

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The FA Cup

You'll want to have your Aston Villa jersey 2014 - 2015 ready on March 7th or 8th, when the quarterfinals for this year's FA Cup are tentatively scheduled to take place. The Lions have their best chance in years at winning this tournament, and you can help boost their chances with some strong fan support!

The Aston Villa soccer squad has won the Football Association tournament on seven previous occasions-a stat that ties them with Chelsea and Liverpool as the fourth most successful team in the history of the event. However, the Claret and Blue has not claimed the podium at the contest since all the way back in 1957. And before that, the club hadn't won since 1920!

Given the many years that have passed since a victory, why do fans remain in the Aston Villa away shirt 2014 2015? After all, the team's run in the Premier League this year has been lukewarm at best, with only five wins since August.

If the league season has been a drought of wins, though, then the 2014 2015 FA Cup has been Aston's Cinderella story. The team has won all three of its tournament fixtures so far, winning home fixtures against Blackpool, AFC Bournemouth, and most recently, Leicester City. And since this year's FA Cup is more or less wide open-thanks to the early elimination of Chelsea, Man City, Southampton, and Tottenham Hotspur-the Lions' winning streak has been significant.

Leicester City

The victory against Leicester's Foxes this past weekend was particularly notable. The Foxes are ranked even lower than the Claret and Blue on the Premier League standings table-in dead last place. However, the team upset both Newcastle and Tottenham in earlier Football Association fixtures. The latter victory was even an away win!

In other words, even as the Lions were donning the Aston Villa jersey 2014 - 2015 and taking their home pitch, no one was 100% confident that they could win the match. Leicester has been a wildcard in this tournament so far, and even as the away side, they were a threat to the Claret and Blue.

Luckily for fans in the Aston Villa jersey, though, the home team managed to put an end to the Foxes' impressive contest run. After a long run of match time with no points on the scoreboard, Villa's Leandro Bacuna finally broke through and scored a goal at the 68-minute mark. Scott Sinclair made the lead 2-0 at 89 minutes, more or less guaranteeing his team's victory. And while the Foxes managed to score in the final moments of the match, it was too little, too late from the away side.

The Next Steps

So what's next for the Claret and Blue? The good news is that the soccer squad has now earned a spot in the quarterfinals. The bad news is that the challenges are only going to grow in the 2014 2015 FA Cup. The clubs still alive in the event include Liverpool, Arsenal, and West Bromwich Albion. So grab your Aston Villa away shirt 2014 2015, and get ready to root for the Lions as they head off to the quarterfinals in early March. A derby matchup against WBA is next on the cards, with a win securing them a semifinal spot.

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