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  1. Aston Villa Narrowly Dodges Three-Month Drought

    There was a time this season when the Aston Villa football club was sitting near the top of the 2014 2015 Premier League standings table. Those were the early weeks of competitive play, when wins against Stoke City, Hull City, and Liverpool marked the Lions as a squad worth watching. From the kids Aston Villa kit to adult home shirt items, Soccer Box was suddenly selling plentiful Claret and Blue gear. Quite simply, fans for the team seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, and for good reason. Especially the youth fans, who have that perpetual optimism.

    Since those early weeks in the second, third, and fourth place positions, though, the tides have turned against the club. In fact, the club is now approaching the three-month anniversary of its win against Liverpool. For a few weeks, the drought of victories has dropped the Lions into 16th place-still outside of relegation range, but certainly too close for comfort.

    Luckily, a win on Tuesday against

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  2. Aston Villa Needs to Break Premier League Losing Streak

    In the early weeks of the 2014 2015 Premier League, it looked as if this was going to be the season when the Aston Villa kit would finally climb back to the upper echelons of the table. In the first month of competition, the football club won three of its Aston Villa Home Shirt 2014 - 2015matches and drew the fourth. Those stats were enough to keep the Lions floating around in the division top three for a solid month. And of course, soccer fans were quick to imagine the claret and blue hues of the Aston Villa football kit atop the 2014 2015 podium.

    Fast-forward nearly three months into play and fortunes have certainly shifted for the 140-year-old football organization. Aston Villa has lost every single match it has played since that aforementioned four-week sweet spot. Clearly, the club is in need of some extra fan support,

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  3. Celebrate a Top 10 Premier League Slot with Aston Villa Training Kit!

    Recent years have not been terribly kind to Aston Villa football club. Sure, the team has avoided relegation from the English Premier League, but not by much. A 16th place finish in the 2011 2012 season was bettered only slightly by a 15th place position the following year. Aston Villa landed in 15th place again last season, but the club seems stronger this year. Indeed, Aston Villa is currently sitting just inside the Premier League top 10, and fans can celebrate that fact with a new Aston Villa training kit!

    At Soccer Box, we have a full range of Aston Villa training gear to help you celebrate the club's current success-and stay super comfortable in the process! The Aston Villa training top 2014 2015 is a particularly stunning item, a Macron warm-up shirt in Aston Villa's trademark claret and blue color scheme.


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  4. Aston Villa Makes Strong Start to 2014 - 2015 Campaign

    If you are keen to support the team the Aston Villa home shirt 2014 2015 is likely to be the soccer jersey you will choose. This is the brand new home shirt that has been designed by Macron and is available now at Soccer Box. The jersey is sleek and smart, claret in color with sky blue pinstripes. This is a winning shirt for what may prove to be Aston Villa's best ever start to a Premier League season.

    Aston Villa Football Shirt

    A Strong Start

    The Premier League season kicked off on 16th August for Aston Villa. Their 1st game was a tricky away fixture against Stoke City. The last few seasons have been tough for Aston Villa, finishing around 15th position and only just avoiding relegation. On the other hand Stoke City has improved

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  5. Aston Villa New Training Wear

    The Aston Villa football club has not won a domestic English championship title since the 1980 1981 season, but that fact doesn't stop fans from supporting the team. On the contrary, Aston Villa still has plenty of supporters, from the famous (Prince William, Tom Hanks) to the not-so-famous, and all of those supporters are looking forward to rooting for their team in yet another Premier League season. With one of the many awesome Aston Villa training kit products we now have available at the Soccer Box online store, you can bet that Aston Villa's fans will be offering their ardent support in style.

    At Soccer Box, we're particularly taken with Aston Villa's training gear this year, particularly the Aston Villa anthem jacket 2014 2015. The jacket boasts Aston Villa's famous home kit colors, including claret (a deep, red wine-like hue) for the main body and some cool sky blue patterning on the sleeves. It also features that iconic Aston Villa crest with a lion and the word "Prepared"

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  6. Get Your Kids Ready for Next Season with an Aston Villa Soccer Jersey

    It seems like it was just yesterday when the Liverpool football club was being crowned as the winner of the 2013 2014 English Premier League season, but believe it or not, the dawning of the 2014 2015 season is fast approaching. The league has chosen August 16th, 2014 as the first day of football play for the new season, and you can celebrate the end of the Premier League break with an Aston Villa soccer jersey for your son or daughter!

    Currently, Soccer Box has an Aston Villa kids home kit 2014 2015 that is perfect for younger football fans. The uniform includes a jersey, shorts, and socks, and looks exactly like the maroon and blue kits that Aston Villa's players will be wearing on the field at Villa Park this fall. Designed by Macron, and featuring an embroidery of the beloved Aston Villa lion crest on the chest, this kids kit will surely get your son or daughter as excited for the upcoming Premier League season as you are.

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  7. Aston Villa Football Shirt Now Available at Soccer Box

    Aston Villa Home Shirt 2014 - 2015The Aston Villa football club may not be at the forefront of the English Premier League nowadays, but as one of the oldest teams in all of English soccer, the club certainly deserves respect. Aston Villa was founded in March of 1874 and celebrated its 140th anniversary this past spring. With that in mind, Soccer Box has of course added the brand new Aston Villa football shirt to our online store.

    Indeed, fans of the claret and blue can now find Aston Villa merchandise available for purchase at Soccer Box, including the Aston Villa home jersey 2014 2015 that the team's players will wear in the upcoming season. The jersey is designed by Macron and bears a claret body with classic pinstripes, as well as blue sleeves. The shirt also boasts the beloved Aston Villa logo, a symbol that looks almost like a coat of arms with a lion design and the word "Prepared" inscribed upon it.

    A Difficult Season
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  8. Aston Villa Training Kit Is Ideal For The Gym!

    Going to the gym can do your body the world of good. Whether you are going for a gentle class such as Yoga or a Zumba class for beginners or you are going for a full on body workout using equipment or doing circuits. If you are a football supporter then you probably wear your favourite team's training kit to the gym. In my blog today I am going to be focusing on Aston Villa training kit including the Aston Villa Navy Training Top.

    While at the Gym it is important to wear the right clothing, you need something that is going to provide you with maximum breathability, a lightweight item and something stylish with a nice design and this is why i gave the Aston Villa training jersey as an example.

    I have taken this item from the Aston Villa training kit shop which can be found online at Soccer Box. This section of their website offers some fabulous training kit

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  9. Aston Villa Look To Mighty Premier League Challenge

    It is fair to say that Aston Villa have had a very hard time during the 2012-13 season, a young inexperienced team had to battle with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and many more. One man keeping their heads above water was the mighty Christian Benteke. The 22 Year old Belgian international moved to Villa from Genk in August 2012. Villa boss Paul Lambert offered the Belgian club £7 million for the striker. Many of the Villa fans thought that this would be another wasted signature but they were wrong. By the end of the 2013 season the hit man had scored 23 goals and was the fourth highest goal scorer in the Premier League. Many teams are now looking to sign the Aston Villa Shirtsstriker but the club have slapped a £25 million price tag on the striker in a bid to keep him. Both the club and supporters are desperate to keep hold of t

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