Last December, in the last game of 2014 for both Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao, Madrid's Mattress Makers beat Bilbao's Lions 4-1 to close out the year in strong fashion. Athletic Club had the home field advantage in that December 21st fixture, but it didn't matter, as Atletico's Antoine Griezmann scored a hat trick in the second half to give his team an easy victory. When the two clubs met again this past weekend, Lions fans were worried that a similar outcome might be in store-especially since the Mattress Makers had the home field advantage this time around. Surprisingly, though, the match ended with the score tied at 0-0, earning Bilbao one point in the 2014 2015 La Liga standings, and further tarnishing Madrid's season. Celebrate the surprising outcome today, with a visit to the Athletic Bilbao shop at Soccer Box!

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The 2014 2015 La Liga

With three games left to play in the 2014 2015 La Liga, Athletic Club Bilbao are gunning for a sixth place finish and a chance to qualify for next year's Europa League tournament. Right now, the squad is in seventh place on the standings table, trailing behind Villarreal by six points.

With those stats considered, the Lions aren't likely to secure a sixth place finish, but they still have a chance. With three wins-and a bit of luck, as far as Villarreal's performances are concerned-Bilbao might just pull it off. Head to Soccer Box's Athletic Bilbao shop to root for such an outcome!

Athletic Bilbao Home Shirt 2014 - 2015The good news for fans in the Athletic Bilbao home jersey 2014 2015 is that their team has all winnable matches on the horizon. This Saturday, they'll host Deportivo La Coruna-a squad currently fighting to avoid relegation. On May 17th, they'll head to Elche to take on a team that is eight spots behind them in the league standings. And on May 23rd, the Lions will close out their football season with a home game against Villarreal themselves (these fixtures are of course variable depending on the possibility of strike action across Spanish football).

Atletico Madrid

Needless to say, the final weeks of the 2014 2015 campaign are going to be exciting and action-packed for fans of Athletic Bilbao. Every goal and every point is going to count, and could make a difference between participating in next year's UEL and staying home. And since Villarreal haven't won a game since March 8th, the Lions have the perfect opportunity to take over the sixth place slot.

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The "every point counts" mentality was alive and well on May 2nd, when Athletic Club traveled to Madrid to take on Atletico's Mattress Makers. Even if Atletico couldn't really compete with Barcelona or Real Madrid this year-or defend their 2013 2014 league title-the team has remained a formidable opponent. That much was clear back in December, when the Lions donned the Athletic Bilbao home jersey 2014 2015 for the aforementioned 1-4 loss. Bilbao haven't suffered a harsher at-home defeat all season.

The Mattress Makers once again outplayed the Lions on Saturday, but a trio of offside calls and subsequently denied goals kept the score tied at 0-0. Athletic Club Bilbao themselves only managed one on-target attack, but the football team still escaped the game with a draw and a crucial point in the standings.

Will the Lions be able to achieve a Europa League qualification? We will find out in the coming weeks, but the Atletico draw bodes well for the squad. Visit the Athletic Bilbao shop at Soccer Box to stock up on official team gear, be it a discounted pair of football socks or a home jersey.