What happened? Take a look at the Atletico Madrid 2014 - 2015 season and compare it to a year ago, Atletico Madrid were on top of the world-or, at very least, on the top of Spanish football. They'd clinched the 2013 2014 La Liga title, beating out both Barcelona and Real Madrid by three points, and making it all the way to the finals of the UEFA Champions League. They might not have had a player with the star power of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi-though Diego Costa did finish just one goal behind Messi on the top goalscorers list for the season-but the Mattress Makers ended the year as the best team.

Fast forward to the end of the 2014 2015 campaign, though, and everything is different. The wearers of the Atletico Madrid away shirt 2014 2015 won't defend their La Liga title, and will instead settle for third place. They also exited the Copa del Rey with a quarterfinal loss against Barcelona (though not before they had a chance to beat Real Madrid in the round of 16). The Mattress Makers also bowed out of the Champions League early, losing to Real in a quarterfinal rematch of last year's final.

The 2014 2015 Season: The Highs

Still, while Atletico Madrid's 2014 2015 football campaign has certainly been a comedown after the soccer club's league-winning run in 2013 2014, it hasn't been a bad season by any means. On the contrary, the wearers of the Atletico Madrid away shirt 2014 2015 have seen plenty of highs this year, both in La Liga play and in cup and continental competition.

The obvious highlight of Atletico's season was their February 7th home match against Real Madrid. The match between hometown rivals was expected to be a real nail-biter, but actually ended up being a huge blowout in favor of the Mattress Makers. Indeed, the home team won the fixture 4-0, shutting down Cristiano Ronaldo's attacks better than just about any La Liga team did all season, and featuring dynamic assists and/or goals from half a dozen Atletico players.

It's also worth noting that the Mattress Makers won their other La Liga match against Real Madrid this season, too. Donning the Atletico Madrid away shirt 2014 2015 on September 13th, for only their third match of the season, Atletico beat Real at Santiago Bernebeu Stadium to earn retribution for last year's Champions League match. It was only a 2-1 victory, but it already had fans speculating that Atletico might be headed toward a second consecutive La Liga title.

The 2014 2015 Season: The Lows

Unfortunately, some low points along the way prevented the wearers of the Atletico Madrid soccer shirt from making good on that speculation. If the football club's games against Real Madrid were highlights, then their fixtures with Barcelona were lowlights.

On January 11th, for instance, the Mattress Makers lost 1-3 to Barca in an away fixture, allowing all three of Barca's star scorers-Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez-to find the back of the net. On January 28th, Atletico lost 2-3 to Barca at home, in a game that ended their 2014 2015 Copa del Rey hopes. And on May 17th, they allowed Barcelona to secure the 2014 2015 La Liga title, losing 0-1 thanks to a 65-minute goal from Messi.

The other big disappointment this soccer season was the UEFA Champions League, where a title continues to elude to Mattress Makers even after all these years. They certainly showed promise this year: in the group stage, they finished ahead of Juventus-who have reached the finals alongside Barcelona. But the quarterfinals were fiercely competitive for Atletico, featuring a two-leg battle with Real Madrid that ended in an aggregate score of 1-0. Unfortunately, it was Real who came out on top.

After assessing the Atletico Madrid 2014 - 2015 season we have to ask, will things turn around for the Mattress Makers next year? Will they be able to return to the top of the La Liga table, or to finally win a UCL title? We'll find out in due time, but you can show your support for the football club today, with a new Atletico Madrid shirt from Soccer Box! We also expect to be getting stock of Atletico's new 2015 2016 shirt designs soon, so follow us on social media to watch for those new jersey releases! We can be found online at a variety of social networks including Facebook and Google +.