Atletico Madrid is currently the defending champion in the Spanish La Liga division, but rarely this season has the team looked like a frontrunner to win the title again. Instead, the battle for the top slot Atletico Madrid Away Shirt 2014 - 2015has played out between Real Madrid and Barcelona, with Atletico's Mattress Makers settling for third. The club's title hopes hit a new height on February 7th, when they crushed Real in a 4-0 home victory. But this past weekend, the wearers of the Atletico Madrid football kit came back down to earth with an away loss to Celta Vigo.

Even though this season has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster for Mattress Makers fans, fans have still remained supportive of the football club. You can show your support today, by picking up a brand new Atletico Madrid away jersey 2014 2015 from Soccer Box. The grey kit, manufactured by Nike, is a fresh new design for the club this year! Soccer Box also carries the red, white, and blue home jersey, the light blue training kit, and a range of other Atletico football gear.

Ups and Downs

Thus far, Atletico Madrid's run in the 2014 2015 La Liga has been a bit of a series of ups and downs. This is especially true compared to last year, when the Mattress Makers only lost one soccer match in the first 22 weeks of competitive play.

The club's entire season started on a somewhat lukewarm note. In an August 25th away fixture at Rayo Vallecano, Atletico Madrid settled for a scoreless draw. Fans in the Atletico Madrid football kit were then treated to two victories in a row-including a 2-1 away game triumph over Real's Vikings-but week four brought another draw, against Celta Vigo. The Mattress Makers just seemed to be having trouble finding their feet.

The up-and-down arc continued throughout the autumn. The team alternated between big victories over the likes of Sevilla and Espanyol, and surprising losses to teams like Valencia and Sociedad.


At the beginning of the New Year, it looked as if the cycle was set to continue. On January 11th, players donned the Atletico Madrid away jersey 2014 2015 and headed off to Camp Nou to do battle with Barca. They lost 3-1, a disappointing outcome in a match that could have provided a grand opportunity for moving up the 2014 2015 league standings table.

But rather than let that key loss damage their momentum, the Atletico Madrid side seemed bent on rebuilding in the wake of it. In the weeks following the Barca fixture, the Mattress Makers won four matches in a row-culminating in the 4-0 vanquishing of the Vikings.

It's the longest winning streak that the team has enjoyed during the 2014 2015 La Liga. And while it may not be to last season's eight or nine-week streaks, it still seemed like a sign that Atletico Madrid might be able to contend for a league title this year.

Celta de Vigo

Unfortunately, it looks like this just may not be a year where we see the wearers of the Atletico Madrid football kit at the top of the league podium. This past weekend, the team suffered yet another surprising loss-this time in an away game against Celta Vigo.

The Celtics may have managed a draw with Atletico Madrid back in the fall, but their record in the 2014 2015 season has been merely okay. Indeed, heading into the game last weekend, the club had only won six La Liga matches all year. They didn't look like a squad that could take down the reigning Spanish football champions.

And yet, when it came time for the reigning champs to put on the Atletico Madrid away jersey 2014 2015 and take on the Celts, they stumbled. The Mattress Makers struggled to put together viable scoring opportunities throughout, and two goals from Celta Vigo during the second half led to a 0-2 loss for Atletico.

Could Madrid still bounce back and contend for the 2014 2015 title? It's certainly possible, especially given the club's pair of victories against their crosstown rivals. Who knows? Maybe all that's needed to revitalize the squad's momentum is a bit of extra fan support.

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