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A Strong Season Start

Clearly, the new versions of the Atletico Madrid soccer kit are lucky. The championship club started off the 2014 2015 season in mostly splendid fashion. After a false start first match against Rayo Vallecano-which ended in a disappointing score of 0-0-Atletico Madrid managed two consecutive victories against Eibar and Real Madrid.

Another draw, this one against Celta de Vigo, slowed down Atletico's run toward the top of the La Liga table. However, a 1-0 away win against Almeria and a resounding 4-0 home victory against Sevilla managed to turn up the heat once more for Atletico Madrid.

Temporary Undefeated Streak

So it was that Atletico Madrid managed to make it six weeks into La Liga competition without losing a single match. The draws were still questionable, given the fact that Rayo Vallecano and Celta de Vigo finished in 12th and 9th place last season, respectively.

Still, Atletico Madrid's run of wins and draws marked the team at the six week mark as one of only four undefeated squads in La Liga. The others with that impressive stat were current table leaders Barcelona, a thriving Valencia team (bouncing back from last season's eighth place finish), and a surprisingly strong Celta de Vigo line-up.

Unfortunately for Atletico fans, the 2014 2015 squad's undefeated streak came to an end in week seven, when they donned the Atletico Madrid away shirt 2014 2015 to take on Valencia.

The Valencia Match

From the outset, the Valencia match was going to be one of Atletico's highest-profile football matches of the early season. After all, it was a game set to be played by two of the only undefeated teams in La Liga. Would the match end the undefeated streak for one of the teams? Or would it end in a draw and preserve the undefeated records for both?

As things turned out, Atletico Madrid's undefeated record was the one fated to fall.

Interestingly enough, all of the points at the Valencia versus Atletico Madrid football fixture were scored in the first half hour of play. Things went badly for Atletico Madrid very early on, starting with a goal on its own side at the six-minute mark from Atletico center back Joao Miranda. Just a minute later, Valencia made the score 2-0, thanks to goal from midfielder Andre Gomes.

The promise of the Atletico Madrid away shirt 2014 2015 continued to unravel throughout the first 15 minutes of the match. Atletico's defensive line-up, especially, was struggling to combat the onslaught of Valencia. At the 13-minute mark, Valencia added another goal-and put the final nail in Atletico's coffin-courtesy of center back Nicolas Otamendi.

With a 3-0 deficit less than 15 minutes into the match, Atletico Madrid's chances of making a comeback were already more or less dashed. Atletico showed one flash of football promise at the 29-minute mark, when striker Marlo Mandzukic (a recent transfer from Bayern Munich) put the club on the board. Unfortunately, a scoreless second half solidified the score at 3-1, and handed Atletico Madrid its first La Liga loss of the season.

Luckily for Atletico, Celta de Vigo also lost a match this season, leaving only Barcelona and Valencia in the undefeated club. Atletico Madrid, therefore, is still in the top five in La Liga's current standings behind Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, and Real Madrid.

Will Atletico be able to make a comeback and contend for a second consecutive La Liga victory? You can support the team by purchasing a new Atletico Madrid soccer kit at Soccer Box!