Football merchandise isn't just for adults. While older soccer fans love wearing jerseys to support their favorite teams, one of the most fun factors of collecting team merchandise is that there are also options for kids, toddlers, and babies. If you are England 2014 Home Infant Kitlooking for new jerseys for your young ones, stop by Soccer Box today! We have a wide selection of baby football kits, spanning a substantial range of different teams. They are the perfect options for raising your child into the traditions of a football-loving household!

So which baby football options do we have available at Soccer Box? Our baby-oriented options include jerseys for both club teams and international teams. You can find both a Chelsea baby kit and an England 2014 home infant kit when you peruse our virtual shelves. Whether you choose your favorite team or the popular team of the moment you are sure to find all the latest options to kit your baby out when you shop online at Soccer Box.

Baby Football Kits

England Fandom Starts Young!

The baby football kits for the England national team are particularly eye-catching. Designed based on the home jerseys that the England team wore this summer at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the England infant kits are traditional white with blue accents in the form of the England football crest and the Nike swoosh. The kits are soft and comfortable for your delicate infant. They include shirt, shorts, and socks meaning that they can make your young son or daughter look like a bona-fide soccer star right out of the box!

The England national football team's run at this year's World Cup may have been a disappointment, with the team exiting the tournament winless after the group stage. However, the England national team still has a few games ahead of it in 2014, including matches against Switzerland, San Marino, Estonia, and Slovenia this fall. Those matches, which are part of the qualifying rounds for the 2016 European Championship, will be played in September, October, and November. You will want to have your baby ready with the England 2014 home infant kit when they happen!

Other Baby Kits

Admittedly, though, the England national team only plays a few matches per year. If you are a die-hard soccer fan, you will likely want another couple of jersey options in the rotation for your baby. Luckily, Soccer Box's selection of baby football kits doesn't end with branded national team merchandise.

On the contrary, we have jersey options from many different nations and leagues. If you want to keep the loyalty within England borders, take a look at the Premier League baby kits we have in stock. From Chelsea to Liverpool, Manchester United to Manchester City, Arsenal to Newcastle, Soccer Box has infant options for all of your favorite England football clubs. With Premier League season action less than a month away, now is the perfect time to grab these jerseys for your young one.

Or perhaps your football interests extend beyond England and its club teams. If you are looking for something a bit more exotic than the England 2014 home infant kit, Soccer Box still has you covered. Spanish La Liga fans will be especially at home on our site, as Barcelona does a particularly great job with providing kit options for babies. From sleep suits to colorful home and away kit options, your infant will love the bright colors and comfortable fabrics of the Barcelona baby kits.

Growing up with Soccer Box

Even as your child begins to grow out of their infant stages, you needn't worry. They may outgrow their baby football shirts, but at Soccer Box, we seek to see your children through each stage of their development. We have kits designs for toddlers, boys, girls, and adults, so your child can grow up with Soccer Box while developing an appreciation for this grand old sport!

Whether you are looking for baby football kits for the England national team or for busy league clubs, or even for toddler to kids kits for your growing children, Soccer Box has the selection you need to find what you want.