During the 2013 2014 season, the Liverpool football club looked as strong as it has ever been, nearly winning a Premier League title, and hosting the best striker in the entire division. In comparison, the beginning of the 2014 2015 season could hardly have been more different, with the departure of forward Luis Suarez leading to an utter collapse of everything that had made the Reds a division contender just months before. Now, as 2015 begins, Liverpool is winning games and looking strong. Has the club finally found an even footing without its offensive star? Show your faith in the soccer squad today, with a brand new Liverpool infant kit or t-shirt from the Soccer Box online store.

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Baby Liverpool Kit

The 2014 2015 Premier League

Unfortunately, fans weren't feeling much urge to dress their kids in the Baby Liverpool infant kit during the autumn portion of the 2014 2015 season. Of their first 12 matches, the Reds lost six of them, losing to everyone from heavyweight squads (Manchester City, Chelsea) to teams they should have been able to beat (Aston Villa, Crystal Palace).

The remaining seven games before the New Year were better, seeing four wins (over Stoke City, Leicester City, Burnley, and Swansea) and just one loss, against Manchester United. The last two victories came consecutively in the final two weeks of 2014, providing the Reds with good momentum coming into the New Year.

Now, supporters of the squad are seeing more and more reason to bedeck their kids in the Liverpool baby t-shirt and shorts kit 2014 2015 with every week! After a 2-2 draw against Leicester on New Year's Day, Liverpool has seen a notably successful January, winning football fixtures against Sunderland and Aston Villa.

The wins haven't much changed the Reds' position in the 2014 2015 division rankings. The club is still in eighth place, where they've been since their last victory in December. However, they are closing the distance between themselves and higher-ranked teams on the table, and with another victory or two, could be closing in on the top five.

Close Competitors

Right now, fans shopping for a Liverpool infant kit or adult t-shirt on Soccer Box probably know which teams Liverpool will have to surpass in order to get back to the Premier League winner's circle. The closest competitors-and the ones that the Reds will be targeting in coming weeks-are Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

Ranked at sixth and seventh place, respectively, Tottenham and West Ham have win-loss-draw records that are only minutely better than Liverpool's. Hotspur has won 11 games, drawn four, and lost seven, while West Ham is sitting at 10-6-6. Their standings totals are 37 and 36 points, respectively.

By comparison, Liverpool FC has 35 points in the standings, thanks to a record of 10 wins, five draws, and seven losses. The margins between these three teams and their positions on the standings table are razor-thin. In other words, those who are dressing their infant in the Liverpool baby t-shirt and shorts kit 2014 2015 have reason to be excited about their soccer squad's chances of moving up the ladder.

After all, the Reds have won four of their last five games and drawn the other, which means they've added 13 points to their standings tally since Christmas. In the same time period, Tottenham has added 10, while United has only accrued four. If those point trends continue, Liverpool could surpass both soccer squads within a few weeks

Liverpool will even face West Ham in their next match, a home fixture scheduled for January 31st. Needless to say, a victory would help the team's standing on the 2014 2015 Premier League table. So root for that victory today by shopping for a new Baby Liverpool kit or adult jersey today! From the baby t-shirt and shorts combo, to the full-sized home jersey 2014 2015, we have every piece of football gear you could possibly want.