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Baby Man United Kit

Man United vs. Liverpool

If the recent win over the Liverpool Reds squad made you want to dress your infant in the baby Man United kit, then you aren't alone. The win was a pivotal one for the Red Devils, who struggled against the Reds last season.

Both times the two teams met in 2013 2014 Premier League play, the Reds walked away with the win. Man Utd lost 0-1 at a September away game, and suffered an embarrassing 0-3 beating-at home, no less-in March. With two penalty goals from Steven Gerrard and an 84-minute strike from Luis Suarez, United couldn't withstand the momentum of Liverpool in that match, even with the home field advantage.

Fast-forward nine months, and a lot has changed. Luis Suarez left the Premier League for a fresh start at FC Barcelona, and Steven Gerrard retired from his position on the England national football team, suggesting that the legendary midfielder is at the twilight of his career. The Reds tried to rebuild over the summer and inject some youth into their squad, but so far the new lineup has not been effective.

Payback Time

And so, as viewers watched the game, their babies dressed in the Manchester United infant sleepsuit 2014 2015, the Red Devils finally got their revenge. In short, it was payback time, and the Man Utd squad was going to enjoy it.

In fact, the game on Sunday was a complete flip on what happened in March. Just 12-minutes into the match, United captain Wayne Rooney found the back of the net and put his club on top. 28 minutes later, just before the half, Robin van Persie assisted Juan Mata in delivering another goal and making the score 2-0. The halftime outlook alone was enough to make some parents want a baby Man United kit or infant sleepsuit for their kids!

The Reds had good stretches of possession, but couldn't convert anything to actual goals. Man Utd, on the other hand, looked dominant throughout the entire second half of the game. And at 71 minutes, Mata assisted Van Persie with yet another goal, returning the favor from earlier.

Switching Places

Van Persie's made the final score of the match 3-0, and gave Manchester United a big boost in the 2014 2015 Premier League. The game made fans proud to wear the Man United home kit, or to dress their babies in the Manchester United infant sleepsuit 2014 2015!

More than that, though, the match made it look as if Manchester and Liverpool have traded places this season. A year ago, the rivals were in completely different spots. Manchester United was struggling to hold onto a top 10 position, while Liverpool was contending for a title. Now, the Reds are barely clinging to the top 10, and the Red Devils have climbed into third place.

That third place slot wasn't disrupted by Manchester's draw with Aston Villa. The tie was a surprise, however, as Aston Villa are currently ranked in 12th place on the division table. Only time will tell if the draw-and its status as the game that ended a winning streak-will have any longer-lasting impact on United's momentum.

In any case, you can celebrate the club's recent success today by shopping at Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a baby Man United kit, an infant sleepsuit, a kids home jersey, or an adult away kit, we've got you covered.