If there was one game that was going to decide the fate of the 2014 2015 La Liga division, it was probably the Sunday, March 22nd fixture between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two football clubs have been battling one another for the top slot in the premier Spanish soccer division all year. The Barcelona Baby Home Kit 2014 - 2015March 22nd game was a chance for one of the teams to grab the advantage over the other for good. And this time, at least, the odds were in favor of the Barcelona squad. It's likely that the victory will serve as a presage for the club's eventual 2014 2015 La Liga title. Prepare for such a championship outcome, with a new Barca kit from Soccer Box!

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Whichever Barca kit you choose, though-be it a baby uniform or an adult home jersey-you'll want to place your order soon. Only 10 more games remain in the 2014 2015 La Liga campaign, and if FCB is going to win a division title, you can bet that their gear is going to increase in popularity by late April or early May!

Barcelona Kit

Real Madrid

The big story of the 2014 2015 La Liga season has been the battle between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. This battle has been playing out on numerous fronts, from simple division table standings, to number of goals, all the way to the performances of stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The big question on the lips of most Spanish football fans this year has been about which of these top flight football clubs is better.

From the looks of it, FCB will be earning that title for the current season. With 28 games played, Barca has pulled in front of the Vikings. The soccer squad's record includes 22 wins, two draws, and four losses, with 80 goals scored and only 17 points allowed. If you needed a good reason to dress your infant in the Barcelona baby home kit 2014 2015, then those statistics should provide it.

Real's stats are, across the board, a bit less impressive. The club has 21 wins, one draw, and six losses-with four of those defeats having occurred since the beginning of the New Year. As far as goal information is concerned, the Vikings have scored almost as many as FCB (78), but have also allowed considerably more, as well (26).

In the fall, Real Madrid had the edge, making it through the first half of the season with 13 wins and two losses. One of those wins was an October 25th home game against Barcelona, which the Vikings won 3-1.

March 22nd

It now seems that the tables have turned. On March 22nd, the wearers of the Barca kit returned the favor for that October 25th defeat, beating Real 2-1 in a home game of their own.

The fixture was a key one for both sides. Barca had sailed past Real Madrid on the 2014 2015 La Liga standings table just the week before. However, they were still only one point ahead, and the Vikings could have easily stolen back the top spot with a win.

With the home field advantage on their side, Barca controlled the narrative of the game. At the 19-minute mark, Jeremy Mathieu took an assist from Messi to put the home team on the board. Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo equalized 12 minutes later, but Luis Suarez was able to score a second goal for FCB in the second half. Celebrate Barca's 2-1 win today, with a new jacket or Barcelona baby home kit 2014 2015 from Soccer Box!

After all, there is plenty to celebrate at Camp Nou. Pick up a Barca kit today, to mark the club's newly minted frontrunner status for the 2014 2015 La Liga title! Whether you are searching for an adult third jersey or a baby home kit, you can find it here!