Barcelona is an extremely successful Spanish soccer team. They are based in the Catalonia region and have a strong founding in the regions culture. The club is owned by its supporters, and has so far resisted the billionaire take over acquisitions that other European teams have succumbed too. The Barcelona home shirt has been blue and red since 1900 when the colours were worn during a game against Hispania.

The new Barcelona home shirt for the 2013 - 2014 season features the traditional style of red and blue vertical stripes. The sleeves mimic last year's transitional effect whereby the colours merge into one another. The neckline is V shaped, designed in yellow creating a bold modern look.

The Barcelona football shirts have traditionally not been adorned with a corporate sponsor. In 2006 the club made a deal whereby they gave €1.5m a year to UNICEF and displayed their logo on their kits.

This year the tops are adorned with the 'Qatar Airways' logo, this is part of a €150m deal with Qatar Sports Investments, the first ever time they have had a corporate sponsor.

American sportswear company Nike manufactures the team's soccer kits. Recent statistics published by Nike showing their best selling soccer kits puts Barcelona in second place behind Manchester United.

Over the past five years they have sold 1.15 million Barcelona football shirts per year. In 2008 their kit deal was renegotiated and is now worth £33m per year.

The top-flight of Spanish football, La Liga, was founded in 1929. Since then there has only been 9 winning teams. The players that wear the Barcelona football shirts have lifted the trophy on 22 occasions so far, last season being the most recent.

This is the second highest amount behind rivals Real Madrid. This phenomenal success makes them extremely popular within Spain and across the globe.

Within the international arena they have also bought home a large number of trophies. The most prestigious European competition is the UEFA Champions League. Players wearing Barcelona football shirts have lifted this much sought after trophy on 4 occasions. The last time being in 2011 when they won it 2 years in a row.

In other international competitions they hold the record for team with the most wins in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. This kind of success in the international arena has helped them secure supporters from every corner of the globe.

With the increase of online shopping this is becoming more apparent as the Barcelona home shirt is shipped to countries around the world from European sellers such as Soccer Box.

It is reported that approximately 25% of the Spanish population support Barcelona. Between 2004 and 2009 the clubs membership increased by 70,000 members to 170,000. This increase is indicative of the worldwide trend of increased support, and the large volume of Barcelona football shirts that are sold each season.

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