As more and more of the 13-14 football shirts and kits are revealed with their new designs, there was one interesting product we have happened to come across. This was the Barcelona home and away stadium shirt. Looking at these products online next to the replica Barcelona shirts you cannot tell a difference, people often get confused when it comes to these shirts as you cannot tell the difference between the materials until you feel one with your hands. The biggest giveaways are the prices. These stadium tops can cost as much as £10.00 cheaper than the replica version, automatically this makes you wonder why there are two different shirts with the same picture but different prices. This is no type mistake and often people think that they are a fake version of the original shirt, this is not the case they are still 100% official and come from the same manufacturer. On this top in particular although this is not always the case the sleeves are slightly different, the replica version of the new jersey has a stripy transitional effect pattern on the sleeves, the stadium style top does not. The small differences may put people off but these are not often noticed and this product can be very positive for people who do not have as much money as others to buy the replica. There are certain reasons why the kit makers allow these shirts to go for so cheap and let sport retailers sell them on, the first reason is the logos on the jersey. By this we mean the Barcelona team crest and the Nike logo, on a replica top these would usually be embroidered on to the material but on the stadium shirt both features are printed on to the shirt. This costs a lot less money for the kit designers and a lot less time, so that is one reason for the price difference. Another reason is the material, although both shirts are made using 100% Polyester they are not made with the same quality. The feel of the replica shirt to the stadium top is a big difference, you can tell that the material is made of less quality, however do not let this put you off because the shirts almost look identical. The official tags from the sports brand are always inside the stadium jersey to prove that your item is real. Nowadays Nike designs their kits using Dri-Fit, this is a technology used by them and it is designed to keep athletes cool and dry during football. This is another great feature that the stadium top sports, the official Dri-fit logo is printed on to the shirt near the bottom, where it is on the replica. The pressure is on for parents to buy their children official replica football shirts, if their friend has one they want one. Now there is an alternative available more people may purchase one, depending if any are available for the team you support. So far Nike are the only manufacturer who design the cheaper stadium jersey but we think that some brands will follow suit in season's to come. The stadium jerseys available so far support the following teams; Barcelona, England, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid. There may be more to come, it all depends on release dates. We think that this is a very good idea for Nike and gives everyone an opportunity to buy a shirt and support their favourite team. What do you think of the stadium jerseys? We would love to hear from you. Emily writes exclusively for Soccerbox, here you buy your very own Barcelona Boys Home Stadium Shirt 2013-14. Sports Blogs top sites