Back in May, Bayern Munich officially launched their 2015 2016 home kit, a red and white jersey that Bayern Munich Away Kit 2015 - 2016 Adidashewed close to designs from the football club's past. Around the same time, designs of the 2015 2016 away shirt and third jersey allegedly leaked onto the Internet. The leaked away shirt was a white jersey with grey and red trim and detailing, while the leaked third kit was a charcoal grey kit with subtle striping and pinkish trim. On July 10th, two months and one day after FC Bayern officially unveiled the 2015 2016 home jersey, the football club officially unveiled the Bayern Munich away kit 2015 - 2016 other shirts that will be in their wardrobe for the forthcoming soccer season.

The Away Kit

As it turns out, the leaked designs from May were the genuine ones. The new Bayern Munich away jersey 2015 2016 is a primarily white shirt that does some interesting things with color and striping. Last year's away kit was also primarily white, but had three bold bands of color encircling the torso: red on top, blue in the middle, and light grey on the bottom, with each color stripe separated by a band of white.

This year's away shirt design takes a similar striping and color theme, but condenses it all toward the center of the kit. Instead of being separated by bands of white, the horizontal stripes of color are condensed into a color spectrum of sorts just below the Adidas logo and the club crest. It features hues of red at the top, bluish grey at the bottom, and midnight black in the middle, and makes for a nice twist on the away jerseys we've seen from the Bavarians in the past.

The Third Jersey

While the leaked version of the 2015 2016 away jersey from May has now been confirmed, the Bavarians haven't yet put images of the new third kit on their website. If leakers had genuine pictures of next season's away shirt, though, you can bet that the leaked photos of the third shirt are also genuine.

Last year, Bayern Munich's third kit was the kind of soccer shirt you wish you could see on the field more often. Charcoal grey in color and with one vertical stripe of red running from the left shoulder on down, the kit had a modern flare to it that contrasted nicely with Bayern's more traditional home shirt.

If the leaked shots of the 2015 2016 third shirt are accurate, then the jersey will once again be the arguable bright spot of the Bayern Munich wardrobe. The solid grey-black color of last year's jersey is replaced with a smokier grey, and the red stripe is eliminated in favor of tasteful red trim. Subtle and sporty horizontal striping on the front of the shirt ties the design together.

Other Kit Merchandise

In addition to the Bayern Munich away kit 2015 2016, the Bavarians have also confirmed a number of other designs for the upcoming season. For instance, new goalkeeper jerseys have been announced-one blue and one red-for 2015 2016.

We've also seen the soccer shorts and football socks meant to go along with the 2015 2016 home and away kits. The home shorts are bright red to match the shirt, with darker red stripes running down either side. The home socks are also bright red, with bands of darker red making them consistent with the home shorts and shirt.

The away shorts are a simple white design with red Adidas striping on the sides. The away socks are primarily white, but have three rings of red at the top, as well as the same red, black, and grey color spectrum that appears on the jersey.

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