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As you will see from comparing the Bayern Munich home shirt 2014 2015 with last season's home jersey, the team has made a few design changes that will change the overall look of the Bayern Munich squad next season. Where last year's Adidas home shirt was a predominantly red uniform with tasteful white trimming, this year's jersey adds some extra color into the mix, using red and blue striping to substantially alter the team's home kit aesthetics.

Bayern Munich Soccer Jersey

Bayern Munich Players Head for the World Cup

Regardless of whether you like this year's or last year's Bayern Munich soccer jersey more, it's difficult to deny that either jersey would look great when worn by Bayern Munich's impressive squad of star football players. As if Bayern's depth and talent wasn't displayed loudly enough by the team's two consecutive Bundesliga victories, the fact that 14 Bayern Munich players were called up for the World Cup certainly does.

That's right: 14 of Bayern's best and brightest will be released from the team for the next month to battle it out in Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup trophy. That number ties Bayern Munich with Manchester United as the two football clubs that will be most well represented at the biggest event in all of football a huge honor for this storied German outfit.

So who is going to the World Cup, and who will they be playing for before they return next fall to do day job work in the Bayern Munich home shirt 2014 2015? Unsurprisingly, Germany is the national team that will be most saturated with Bayern Munich veterans, with a whopping seven of the nation's World Cup players hailing from the current Bundesliga championship team. Those players include one goalkeeper (Manuel Neuer), two defenders (Jerome Boateng and Philipp Lahm), and four midfielders (Mario Gotze, Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller, and Bastian Schweinsteiger).

Surprisingly, the other seven World Cup players who spend the majority of their year wearing the Bayern Munich soccer jersey are all spread out among different teams. These include Brazil (Dante, playing defender), Croatia (Mario Mandzukik, as a forward), Spain (Javi Martinez, as a midfielder), The Netherlands (Arjen Robben, as a midfielder), Switzerland (Xherdan Shaqiri, as a midfielder), the United States (Julian Green, also as a midfielder), and Belgium (Daniel Van Buyten, as a defender).

A Missing Warrior

As fans of the Bayern Munich team will note, France is not a part of that list, despite the fact that star Bayern Munich winger, Franck Ribery, has represented the French national football team at the previous two World Cups. Ribery missed out on numerous Bundesliga matches throughout the latter part of the season due to struggles with a back injury. The same injury has forced him to withdraw from the World Cup, a sad fact that will certainly prove disappointing to Bayern Munich fans, France supporters, and proponents of good football.

Despite Ribery's untimely injury though, Bayern Munich fans will still have plenty of players to cheer for throughout the World Cup competition, and what better way to cheer them on than with a Bayern Munich home shirt that you can use next fall when Bundesliga starts up again? Head to Soccer Box today to find one of the shirts.