It's a big year for Bayern Munich.

At Soccer Box, we are truly excited about this year's crop of Bayern Munich football shirts. The Bayern Munich away jersey 2014 2015 especially has a cool redesign for the new season. Where last year's away kit was a plain white shirt with dark green trim, this year's shirt looks almost completely different. The overall white theme has survived from last year. However, it's now marked by red, blue, and gray stripes for a cool style that will have Bayern's players looking great on the football pitch this season.

Bayern Munich Soccer Kit

Current Bayern Munich Season

Last season, Bayern Munich simply demolished the competition en route to the top slot on the Bundesliga championship table. All told, the 2013 2014 Bayern Munich squad amassed a record of 29 wins, 3 draws, and 2 losses. It wasn't just the best club performance in Bundesliga but one of the best in all of league football.

With such a strong record last year, virtually everyone expected Bayern Munich to start the 2014 2015 season at full force. The new squad hasn't disappointed. So far, Bayern Munich has a record of 3 wins and 2 losses, with 9 goals scored and only 2 goals allowed.

Such stats don't predict quite the near-perfect football record that Bayern Munich had last season. After all, Bayern would only be allowed to draw one more match (and lose two) if it were going to duplicate the 2013 2014 record.

Still, despite the two early draws, Bayern Munich has given fans no reason to expect anything but another dominant football season. In all likelihood, the Bayern Munich soccer kit will be back at the top of the Bundesliga podium come May of next year.

The Home/Away Disconnect

Thus far, Bayern Munich's 2014 2015 season successes have been determined largely by where the team has played its matches. All three of Bayern's victories so far have come at the club's home ground at the Allianz Arena. The draws, meanwhile, have occurred when Bayern's players have worn the Bayern Munich away jersey 2014 2015.

One of those draws, an August 30th match against Schalke 04, was at least somewhat expected. Schalke ended the 2013 2014 season as the third best team in the Bundesliga, and was always going to be one of Bayern's bigger challenges this season. The match between the two teams ended in a 1-1 stalemate.

The other draw was a bit more of a shock. Facing Hamburger SV should have been an easy win for Bayern Munich, away fixture or not. After all, Hamburger only barely escaped relegation last season. Somehow, though, the Hamburg home shirt proved to be equal to the Bayern Munich away jersey 2014 2015. In a match defined by defense, both teams went home scoreless.

The away draws have marked a sort of disconnect in Bayern Munich's performance this season, simply because the team seems to have no problem winning at home. A 2-1 home win against Wolfsburg marked a stylish season opener for Bayern, while subsequent home fixtures against VfB Stuttgart and SC Paderborn have only proven the club's ability to score unanswered point after unanswered point.

Bayern Munich's at-home winning streak has even extended into UEFA Champions League play. On September 17th, Bayern won a 1-0 home match against English Premier League titans, Manchester City. The win came thanks to a goal at the 90-minute mark by Jerome Boateng-a last-minute point to be sure but enough to maintain Bayern's current reputation as a team that can't lose at home.

Could it be that Bayern Munich needs a bit more fan support at away fixtures? Buy this year's away Bayern Munich soccer kit at Soccer Box, and take a road trip (or five) to see your favorite club on the road.