The Belgium national football team has not traditionally been thought of as a team to watch at the World Cup. Though the team will be debuting its 12th World Cup appearance tomorrow, the team has most frequently exited the competition either in the group stage or the round of 16, making Belgium's status as one of this year's most intriguing dark horse contenders that much Belgium 2014 World Cup Away Shirtmore interesting. In any case, that dark horse status should make this summer an interesting one for Belgium, and fans who want to go along for the ride should be ready to look the part with a team home shirt or Belgium 2014 World Cup away jersey.

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Belgium Football Shirt

Style on the Field

If current seeding and world ranking information are accurate, then the style of the Belgium football shirt is not going to be the only flare that this team brings to the football pitch in Brazil. On the contrary, Belgium is currently slotted at 11 on FIFA's world rankings and is considered a shoe-in to win its group Group H, which also includes Algeria, Russia, and South Korea. If those predictions prove correct, then the style of the Belgian team's jerseys is indicative of a newly competitive style of play.

After failing to qualify for either the 2006 World Cup or the 2010 tournament, Belgium was not high on the list of World Cup prospects for 2014. That all changed last year, when the Belgian team sailed through qualification to win UEFA Group A without a single loss. Six wins and two draws assured Belgium a competitive slot in Brazil, and convinced skeptics that Belgium had rebuilt its national soccer team into a force to be reckoned with.

A Golden Generation

In fact, Belgium performed so strongly in the World Cup qualifiers between September 2012 and October 2013 that many fans have proclaimed this a new "golden generation" for the country's football team. That claim will, of course, be tested in Brazil, when Belgium will come up against some of the best teams in the world in a fight for global soccer glory.

At the very least, however, Belgium will have a fairly clear-cut shot toward the knockout stage. With a slot in Group H, Belgium was fortunate enough to get one of the easiest draws in the entire tournament. Of the four teams in the group, Belgium is ranked the highest by FIFA. Russia and Algeria are slotted just a bit further back, at 19 and 22, respectively, while South Korea is expected to be the group's first victim, ranked at 57.

The Belgium football shirt will make its first 2014 World Cup appearance and its first World Cup appearance period since 2002 in a June 17th match with Algeria. If the team continues to make short, effortless work of its opponents, then talk of Belgium as a potential dark horse title spoiler could certainly grow louder.

For now, though, that talk continues to bubble under the surface, pushed forward by passionate fans of the team and proponents of its new "golden generation." If you are one of those fans, you will absolutely want to have a Belgium 2014 World Cup away jersey to cheer the team forward this summer.