Belgium's national football team is nicknamed the "Red Devils," and the team has certainly played like the devil over the course of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, essentially global soccer's world championship. Soccer, or football, is the most popular sport in the world, played by millions (or perhaps even billions), and World Cup international tournament play, occurring every four years, is the most-watched sporting event on the face of the planet. That the Red Devils captured their group in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, dominating with a record of 8 wins, 2 draws and absolutely no losses in a strong field is reason enough for the team's fan following to purchase record numbers of the Belgium football shirt.

Belgium will contest for FIFA World Cup honors in Brazil, site of the 2014 tournament to be held from June 12 to July 13. Though Belgium is relatively small in size and population when compared to several of the most successful soccer teams in Cup play, it's the size of the heart that counts, a fact regularly pointed out by wearers of the Belgium World Cup home jersey 2014. Belgium's national football team displays the heart of a champion, driven home by its sterling group qualifying play and its first World Cup appearance since 2002.

Belgium's Path to Championship Honors

Fans of the Belgium football shirt will get their chance to root loudly for Red Devils fortunes beginning June 17th of 2014 as the team kicks off first-leg Group H fixture play at Belo Horizonte, Brazil against Algeria, also known variously as the Desert Fox, Desert Warrior and The Greens. The Red Devils' next opponent in Cup play, Russia, squares off against the Belgian footballers on June 22nd in Brazil's premier venue, Rio De Janeiro capped by first-leg play against the Korea Republic in Sao Paolo on June 26th. Play between Belgium and Algeria promises to be tough, given the Algerian side is always looking to prove its mettle against superior teams.

The Red Devils unfortunately lost a key player just recently, as striker Christian Benteke, of Aston Villa, went down with a ruptured Achilles tendon during a team training session. Benteke, a powerful forward, had been Aston Villa's leading scorer and the Belgium World Cup side had great hopes for him as regards Cup play. However, the soccer team has two home and only one away appearance in Group H play, meaning there's every reason to believe the Belgium Football Kit will see plenty of sales at the Soccer Box online merchandise store, where Red Devils gear such as football kits and jerseys is always highly popular.

If Belgium can continue the outstanding play and strong resolve it showed during World Cup qualifying play it stands a good chance of a long run over the course of the championship tournament. Though Brazil is favored to take the World Cup at the end, especially given it will be playing in front of rabid home crowds even when it's officially designated as the visiting team, Belgium actually isn't far down the list in terms of favored teams. In fact, the Red Devils stand in fifth, ahead of mighty France and Italy and just beneath Argentina, Germany and Spain, as favorites to take the Cup home with them.

The Cup and the Belgium Football Shirt

Should the Belgian national soccer team take top World Cup honors, a very possible event, it's certain that the Belgium World Cup home jersey 2014 version will forever be enshrined in national memory. In honor of the Red Devils, Soccer Box website's online merchandise store has stocked all kinds of Belgian team gear, including soccer jerseys and soccer kits as well as World Cup commemorative items. The Belgian team's fortunes have never been as bright as during this particular World Cup year, and fans from far and wide are eagerly anticipating the start of play in June.

Football's World Cup is the sporting world's grandest event, played under a white-hot spotlight that can cause lesser soccer clubs than Belgium's side to wilt under the pressure.