There may only be eight games left to play in the 2014 2015 season, but the English Premier League is anything but decided for the year. On the contrary, this past weekend saw a number of major shifts in the standings, including some pretty substantial moves within the top five. Even as the rest of the Chelsea Third Shirt 2014 - 2015division is going through a tumultuous phase, Chelsea FC is holding strong at the zenith of the rankings. Indeed, the club is currently seven points up in the division-an advantage that will likely pave the way for Chelsea's first English football title since 2010, and their fourth overall. Root for the Blues today, with a brand new black Chelsea jersey from Soccer Box!

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Shifts in the Rankings

The biggest story of this weekend's 2014 2015 Premier League action was Arsenal, who surged into second place with a big 4-1 home victory over Liverpool. The Gunners haven't finished as the runners-up since 2004, and haven't won since 2003, so reaching such a position is a major accomplishment for this year's incarnation of the soccer team.

The other big story was Manchester City, who dropped from second place to fourth place with a 1-2 loss against Crystal Palace. Man City has been having a rough run in 2015, losing games to Arsenal, Liverpool, Burnley, and now Crystal Palace. The defeat dropped the defending champions out of the top three for the first time since September. Suffice to say, it will likely serve as the final nail in the coffin for the football club's hopes of winning a title this year.

Meanwhile, Manchester United is situated in third place, after a 3-1 home victory over Aston Villa at the weekend.

Stoke City

That's all great news for fans in the black Chelsea jersey, whose club is in the perfect position to add another title to their trophy case this year. With all of the other action going on, the Blues actually had a fairly unremarkable weekend, beating Stoke City 2-1 in a home fixture.

Still, the game-which featured a goal and an assist from Eden Hazard-was good enough to make a case for the wearers of the black Chelsea third shirt 2014 2015 as the likely champions of this year's Premier League. For one thing, it keeps the Blues on top of the football division in terms of both standings and goal difference.

Indeed, the club's point tally at the moment is 70, while their goal difference is +37. Arsenal is trailing in both categories, with 63 standings points and a +30 GD. Man City has the next highest goal difference with +33, but is nine points back in the rankings.

Add the fact that Chelsea has only played 30 matches so far, while almost every other team in the division has played 31, and it's clear that the Blues have the inside track for the peak of the podium in 2014 2015. The other team with 30 games played so far? Current last-placers, Leicester City.

The Blues will still face a few substantial challenges before the end of the season. For instance, fans will want to have their black Chelsea jersey ready for mid-April matches with Man Utd and Arsenal to offer some extra support. But Chelsea FC has been leading the way in the 2014 2015 Premier League since the beginning, and it doesn't look like that's going to change.

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