Carlos Tevez left Juventus in the lurch this summer, opting to return to his former club, Argentina's Boca Juniors, rather than stay in Italy for another contract cycle. Tevez was Juve's top scorer during the 2014 2015 campaign, tallying 20 goals in league play and 29 across all competitions. He led the football club to titles it both the Serie A and the Coppa Italia, the runner-up finishes in both the UEFA Champions League and the Supercoppa Italia. Fast-forward to this season and Juventus are struggling to earn a spot in the upper half of the Serie A table, and the lack of Tevez is a big part of the reason why. But Boca Juniors fans can rejoice in Tevez's skill as Boca Juniors win Argentine League title for the 25th time.

A Triumphant Return for Tevez

If Juventus are hurting without Carlos on the soccer pitch, though, the 31-year-old Argentine forward is
doing just fine without his old Italian club. His return to Boca Juniors was precisely the triumphant homecoming that he wanted it to be.

Sure, Tevez only got to play about half of Boca's 2015 soccer season-his first appearance, in a July 18th match against Quilmes-was the team's 17th game of the season. However, he still made 11 appearances during the back half of the season, scoring five goals along the way and helping his hometown soccer club to a landmark 25th Argentine league title. (Though, if you include Boca's amateur era, the club has actually won 31 league titles.)

For Tevez, this is the eighth league title he has been a part of, across four different countries. In his initial stint with Boca Juniors (which ran from 2001 to 2005), Tevez helped his hometown soccer club to a single Boca Juniors Home Shirt 2014 - 2015title: the 2003 Apertura. He then moved to Brazil's Corinthians, where he scored 20 goals in 29 fixtures to help the team win a Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A title.

Carlos' best years have come since moving into the big leagues of England and Italy. He only spent only two seasons at Manchester United (2007 2008 and 2008 2009) but helped the club to Premier League titles both years. Next, he spent four years with United's crosstown rivals, Manchester City, including one league-winning season in 2011 2012. Finally, at Juventus, Tevez was the top scorer during the club's winning 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 campaigns.

Bottom line, Carlos Tevez has seen more high-profile victories than most living football players. But the 31-year-old star said it best when he described what winning the title in his hometown felt like: "I've won championships in many places but nothing compares with this."

Ending a Dry Spell

Tevez may not have been the star player of the 2015 Boca Juniors team. Arriving so late, he never really had a chance at that title. Instead, it was 22-year-old Jonathan Calleri who scored the most goals for the
club, with 10 in league this season and 15 across all competitions. However, there is little doubt that Tevez, the pride and joy of La Boca, inspired his hometown club to victory.

Indeed, while Boca Juniors are the second most successful team in Argentine league history (after River Plate), they hadn't won a league title since 2011. With Carlos back in the lineup, the Juniors put an end to that dry spell. With a 1-0 win against Tigre on Sunday, November 1st, Boca officially made themselves uncatchable on the league standings table. The match was the club's second-to-last of the 2015 season.

The Boca Juniors also looked like a different team this year than they did in 2014. Last season, the football club finished fifth, losing nearly a third of their games. This season, they cut their losing percentage almost in half. And according to Tevez, the turnaround was anything but a fluke: "From now on you'll see a new Boca," he told reporters, following his team's key win against Tigre.

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