After back-to-back losses over the past two weekends (first in a home match against Bayern Munich, and later in an away fixture with Borussia Monchengladback), the Black and Yellows of the Borussia Borussia Dortmund Away Shirt 2014 - 2015Dortmund squad needed a win this weekend. They got precisely that, besting FC Paderborn 3-0 to climb one spot up on the 2014 2015 Bundesliga standings table. Celebrate the victory and hope for similar outcomes in the coming weeks, with a new Borussia Dortmund kit from Soccer Box!

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FC Paderborn

As you know if you've paid much attention the 2014 2015 Bundesliga campaign, the wearers of the Borussia Dortmund kit have had a tumultuous season. In the fall, the 2013 2014 Bundesliga runners-up were almost consistently ranked at or near the very bottom of the division. It was an epic fall from grace, considering the football club's recent successes, and no one in the football world was quite able to understand what was happening.

The Black and Yellows did so poorly throughout the first half of the season that a high-ranking finish this year is unlikely (if not impossible). Luckily, though, the team has improved things drastically since the start of 2015, and with this past weekend's home victory over FC Paderborn, they have climbed into ninth place.

Fans were given a brand new set of reasons to pick up a new BVB home kit or Borussia Dortmund away jersey 2014 2015 at Saturday's game. Paderborn was one of the few teams that didn't beat the Black and Yellows during the first half of the season: Dortmund managed a 1-1 draw in a November 22nd away fixture against the club.

This time around, though, BVB's soccer players clearly had no intention of conceding a tie. Borussia's defensive line managed to keep the Paderborn away squad from ever formulating a threatening attack. And while the Black and Yellows themselves didn't manage a single goal in the first half, they more than made up for that shortage in the second half.

Indeed, with goals from midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan, forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and midfielder Shinji Kagawa, BVB was able to take a three-point lead in the fixture by the 80-minute mark. That lead held strong for the last 10 minutes of play, and the Black and Yellows won the match 3-0. Needless to say, fans in the Borussia Dortmund kit went wild for the win.

On and Off Weeks

The victory shows just how much potential this year's BVB soccer squad has, but it also displays the team's tendency to have on and off weeks. Of the squad's 10 Bundesliga wins this season, they've scored three or more goals in eight of them. Comparatively, the team has failed to score so much as a single goal in 11 of their other 19 matches-which includes both draws and losses.

The question is, why does BVB go from big, high-scoring wins to matches where their offensive lineup is virtually ineffectual? The trend seemingly has nothing to do with home or away game status. On the contrary, the Black and Yellows have shown an ability to win big whether they are wearing the home kit or the Borussia Dortmund away jersey 2014 2015. For whatever reason, though, the squad is simply not consistent this year.

Can BVB find some consistency in the final five weeks of 2014 2015 Bundesliga play? Root for them with a new Borussia Dortmund kit from Soccer Box. We have both home and away versions of the jersey in stock, and both kit designs are selling at discount prices.