Considering what a poor season Borussia Dortmund has played in Germany's 2014 2015 Bundesliga, it's a bit of a shock that the football club managed to make it as far as they did in the UEFA Champions League. But even when BVB couldn't seem to do anything right in the Bundesliga last fall, they were Borussia Dortmund Home Shirt 2014 - 2015still breezing through the UCL group stage. Now, after a pair of losing matches with Italy's Juventus, the Black and Yellows won't be seen in the Champions League quarterfinals. Mark their above-expectation tournament run anyway, with a new set of Borussia Dortmund kits from Soccer Box.

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Recapping the 2014 2015 Champions League

Based on BVB's poor performance in the Bundesliga (they are currently in 10th place), there's a good chance that they won't be qualifying for next year's Champions League. With that in mind, now is a great time to grab a few Borussia Dortmund kits from Soccer Box, and look back upon the club's surprisingly solid 2014 2015 UCL run.

Drawn into Group D for the earliest stages of the tournament, the Black and Yellows went to work securing a slot in the knockout phase. Of the six group stage fixtures, they won four of them, playing well both at home (a 2-0 triumph over Arsenal, or a 4-1 victory over Galatasaray) or away (shutout performances against both Anderlecht and Galatasaray).

Even with an away loss at Arsenal, the four wins were enough to earn Dortmund a spot at the top of Group D, and a qualifying position in the knockout stage.


A tough draw in for the round of 16 put BVB up against Juventus. It was a tough matchup, to be sure, but considering how well Borussia had performed in the group stage, fans in the BVB home shirt 2014 2015 were cautiously optimistic. After all, the team's impressive tournament play had thus far seemed to be completely disconnected from their disastrous Bundesliga performances.

Ultimately, luck ran out for the Black and Yellows in the round of 16. They didn't have enough gas in the tank to win the first leg, a February 24th away fixture where the outcome was more or less decided in the first 45 minutes of play. Dortmund did score one goal in the football contest-an 18-minute point from Marco Reus. It wasn't enough, though, and the Zebras won the game 2-1.

Things didn't go any better for the Black and Yellows when they donned the 2014 2015 home shirt for a rematch. On the contrary, the home leg-played at BVB's own Signal-Iduna-Park on Wednesday, March 18th-was more than a bit disastrous for Borussia Dortmund.

The bad news started early on for the wearers of the Borussia Dortmund kits. Juventus striker Carlos Tevez put the home team at a 0-1 deficit just three minutes into the match. By the end of the first half, the Black and Yellows were still trailing by one point in the fixture, and by two points in the aggregate. They would have had to play a world-class second half to save their UCL campaign.

Unfortunately, the second 45 minutes of the football game were as dry as the first 45 for BVB. Despite their home field advantage, the team was never able to formulate a successful offensive attack. Meanwhile, the Zebras netted two more goals to win the game 3-0 and to secure their spot in the quarterfinals.

With the outcome set in stone, the fans in the BVB home shirt 2014 2015 filed out of Signal-Iduna-Park in despondent fashion. After all, barring a major comeback in the Bundesliga, this could be the last UEFA tournament fixture that Borussia Dortmund plays for awhile.

Is a Bundesliga comeback possible for BVB? Support the football club and root for the possibility today, with a new set of Borussia Dortmund kits from Soccer Box!