The 2014 FIFA World Cup is being hosted in Brazil. The South American country is thought of as the best football nation on the world. It has been said that the 'Brazilians perfected the game, which the English invented'. The Brazil home kit has been an overwhelming sight at every game, whether Brazil were playing or not. South American teams, precisely, Argentina and Brazil have dominated many World Cup tournaments, but another team, Columbia is vying for position and the opportunity to knock the home nation out of the tournament.

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South American World Cup History

Four South American countries have hosted the FIFA World Cup Uruguay in 1930, Brazil in 1950 and 2014, Chile in 1962 and Argentina 1978. However, only two of those countries have ever won. Argentina has won twice, but Brazil has won more times than any other team in the entire world, with 5 wins to date.

The Brazil football jersey may be the only 2014 World Cup kit to display 5 World Cup winning stars, but the team and fans feel that the 2014 trophy is theirs by right. When the tournament was last hosted by Brazil in 1950, it wasn't the Brazilians that took the trophy. Uruguay snatched the title in the final game of the tournament, leaving the host nation in the runner-up position. They didn't win their 1st star until 1958.

Following the 1950 loss the team was transformed; a newspaper competition was launched for the design of a new kit. The 1950 loss was partially blamed on the lack of patriotism for the national football team. The resulting yellow and green design is true of the Brazil home kit 2014 that is aspiring to be adorned with a 6th star.  Brazil, as a country, has put on an exciting show so far, but can the team live up to their expectations and win the trophy?

Brazil at the 2014 World Cup so Far

It is fair to say that the performance of the Brazilian team to date has been disappointing. Looking at statistics and numbers some may question that statement. In the group stage action Brazil finished top of their group winning twice, and drawing once. They also beat Chile in their Last-16 game and have secured a place for the Brazil home kit in the quarterfinal round.

However, take a closer look at the on-pitch action and the Brazilian national team has struggled. They have not played as the cohesive, enigmatic and energetic team that the Brazilian side is so renowned for. They seem to be lacking leadership and a plan that will steer them forward to success.

Against Chile in their Last-16 tie the mighty Brazilians needed a penalty shoot-out to affirm their place in the quarterfinals. The result went down to the last of 5 penalties, after each side scored 2 and missed 2. Chile missed their 5th, Neymar, wearing the infamous number 10 Brazil football jersey, hit the net to score the win, but decisive it was not.

Could Columbia Cause the Ultimate Upset?

Columbia may have never won a FIFA World Cup but they are certainly a South American team to watch closely during the quarterfinal stage in 2014. Whereas, both Brazil and Argentina have stumbled and struggled, Columbia has flown and flourished. They finished top of their group and made easy work of 2-time World Cup winners Uruguay in the Round of 16.

With attacking style, fantastic team play, and truly entertaining performances of World Class skill, the Columbian national football team may be the team to knock the host nation out of the World Cup. Brazil of course, will want nothing more than to win, and they believe it is their right. However, Columbia has shown passion and flair like no other team so far, that, may be more imposing than a believed right to win.