The World Cup 2014 is edging ever closer, the tournament will officially start on the 12th June 2014 and will end of 13th July 2014. It will be interesting to see who makes it through to the World Cup and who does not qualify. Our last World Cup took place in South Africa, in the end it was Spain who were crowned champions, and will we have new champions next year? The 2014 World Cup will be hosted by Brazil, the country have one 5 World Cup titles out of 19 themselves and will be looking to regain that title next year. Italy also won four times, German three times, Argentina and Uruguay with two each and England, France and Spain hold one title each. Show your support next year with the Brazil Green Training Top.

There are many ways of showing support for your national team; most people tune in to watch their national side even if they are not overly keen on soccer. You will still get that buzz from your own country
winning a match this important. The World Cup next year is going to be a good one to watch.

You can show support with flags, hats, held up shirts, scarves and much more. Some fans may support England, but will wear items with the Brazil crest on to show respect to the hosts. Also Brazil are a very good team who have won various football competitions in the past.

Buying Brazil training kit is another great way of showing support, this way you can show it while looking stylish at the same time. If you are not a keen lover of replica football shirts there are many items available to you instead, like the Brazil green training top as i mentioned before.

Nike, Brazil's kit manufacturers have released a great range of new 2013-14 Brazil training Kit. You can buy products such as official hoodies, training jerseys, jackets and tracksuits. These will all be official and depending on your preference you can pick up cheaper items if they are from a previous season's range.

Not only does Brazil training kit look fantastic, it will usually be manufactured to keep you warm, watching live World Cup football matches can become cool, even if they are taking place in a warm country.

Many training items now contain some kind of technology to keep you warm such as Nike Therma Fit, this helps keep you warm and dry by keeping body heat in and keeping wind and cold out. This would be the perfect type of clothing for a lengthy soccer match.

On the other hand you can purchase items containing Dri Fit fabric, this helps you keep cool and eliminates any unwanted moisture. This is more ideal for people who get warmer than others even in the cooler weather. Most replica shirts made by Nike are made using this.

Along with the new collections of Brazil training kit, you could always opt for a replica football shirt if you would prefer to, the new home and away soccer jerseys are now out and available for order, these can be purchased from Soccer Box also.

Another good positive about buying training kit like an official training top is that the price is much cheaper; however the product can look very similar to a replica shirt when it comes to details. The price of a training top is approximately £20.00 cheaper.

The only real difference is possibly the colours of the two items as this can sometimes give it away if they are two completely different colours. Training tops are becoming more and more popular though as shirt prices rise, at the end of the day they are still 100% official and feature the exact same features like the team badge.

Brazil training kit will be possibly a very popular product during the World Cup and 2014 itself. As well as the host team they are also one of the best teams in the competition. It will be interesting to see if England will ever get to play against them. During a friendly in June 2013 we drew 2-2 with them.

Do you like the new range of training kit 2013-14?

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