Brazil, the International Federation of Association Football's most decorated national team, is once again hosting the FIFA World Cup this year. The green and yellow of the Brazil training kit can be seen darting across the football fields from Belo Horizonte to Sao Paolo, and fans from across the country are gearing up to support their national team during the first World Cup hosted on Brazilian soil since 1950. Anticipation is mounting in both Brazilian players and fans, for the biggest sporting event their country has ever seen.

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Brazilian Nationals Dominate World Cup History

Brazil is without a doubt, the top performing nation in FIFA history. They are the only team to have qualified for every single World Cup tournament since 1930 and have won an unprecedented 5 World Cup titles. When they're not qualifying through regular FIFA league play, they may as well be qualified as the hosts; starting with the 2014 games, Brazil will join the likes of Mexico, Italy, and Germany as repeat hosts of the FIFA World Cup

Since their first FIFA Championship victory in the 1958 World Cup held in Sweden, Brazil has risen to the top of the international football ladder, holding on to Elo's top ranking spot for nearly 8,000 days. Though they remain one of the most decorated teams in all of football, they have yet to win a World Cup on their own soil. Granted, they've only had one chance so far, but Head Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has made it a point to give Brazilian football fans something to be proud of in this year's World Cup.

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The Perils of Being the Host with the Most

Putting on the international spectacle that is the FIFA World Cup is no small feat for the hosting country. In an event that's size is rivaled only by the Olympic games, it takes equal measures hospitality and fortitude to ensure that everything runs smoothly while the teams on the field entertain the entire world. Brazil, along with Mexico, Italy and Germany are the only countries to ever host the World Cup twice, thanks in no small part to their sterling record in the event, but home field advantage comes with a slew of new problems for the team to face.

Sure, they may have the crowd on their side, but being the top team in international football isn't without its downsides. Every single team taking part in this year's World Cup knows how big of a threat Brazil is in these matches, and will be turning up the heat on their hosts come game day. Fans clad in their Brazil 2014 World Cup N98 jacket and Brazil soccer colors will be packing stadiums across the country to see their national heroes take on all comers. There's just no doubt about it; the pressure is on for the Brazilian national soccer team.

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