1. Defense, Not Offense, Dominates Mexico-Brazil World Cup Meeting

    Mexico Home Football Shirt 2013 - 2014The second leg of World Cup Group A began on Tuesday afternoon with a match between Mexico and host team Brazil, and the story of the game wasn't the people who scored the goals, but the people who saved them. The match, which put the Mexico football jerseys in the away slot and the hosts in the home team position, ended in a scoreless draw, earning both teams a single group stage point. Undoubtedly, both teams would have preferred the three points that accompany an outright victory.

    For the many fans in attendance that were wearing Brazil soccer jerseys, the match was a second indication that the home team might not have what it takes to win this tournament. Last Thursday, they defeated Croatia 3-1, but did so thanks to a good deal of luck (and to a penalty kick that was largely undeserved). This week, Brazil's offense was repeatedly denied by the Mexico defense. Neither sign is a good one that Brazil will be able to withstand the harsher competition still to come.

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  2. Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Jersey Marks Debut in 2014 World Cup

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup got off to an entertaining (if slightly rocky) start on the afternoon of Thursday, June 12. The opening match, which pitted home team Brazil against group stage competitors, Croatia, gave Brazil fans their first chance to don a Brazil 2014 World Cup home jersey and cheer the home team toward a record sixth World Cup victory. However, if the opening match is to set the tone for the World Cup, then the Brazil team may not be seasoned or polished enough to take the title.

    Going into the June 12th bout between Brazil and Croatia, everyone knew that it was going to be one of the key matches of the tournament, if only because it would offer an indication of how the Brazil team would perform with the adrenaline, excitement, and unbelievable pressure of playing at home. Just looking at the numbers, the final score for the game (3-1 with Brazil on top) proves that this summer's home squad is a true contender for the World Cup title, and that future Brazil

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  3. Neymar 10 Jersey, Just One of Many Brazil Items Available on Soccer Box

    It's going to be a big summer for fans of the Brazil national football team. Not only is Brazil hosting the World Cup this year for the first time since 1950, no less but this summer also could be Brazil's shot at securing an unprecedented sixth World Cup title. If that is going to happen, then it will be partially because of Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, or Neymar, one of Brazil's strongest players and a firm fixture on the country's squad for the World Cup. In fact, Neymar is so big that the Neymar 10 Brazil 2014 World Cup home jersey has become an incredibly popular product at Soccer Box.

    Neymar 10 Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Shirt

    That's right: interspersed with a more standard collection of Brazil football shirts this year are jerseys and shirts meant to support Neymar specifically. The

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  4. Will the Brazil top the World Cup Podium This Summer?

    Brazil is quite busy at the moment. Not only is the country in the final preparation stages for this summer's FIFA World Cup event, but it is also gearing up for the Summer Olympics set to be held in Rio de Janeiro two years from now. Amidst all of this massive planning and extensive global scrutiny, however, Brazil also has the responsibility of putting a team on the football pitch, and many soccer fans around the world are wondering if the sharp yellow of the Brazil football shirts will be the sight at the top of the podium when all is said and done.

    Undoubtedly, soccer prognosticators have plenty of reason to speculate about the chances of the Brazil 2014 World Cup home jersey being the last in the team's history to include a crest with five stars. The stars in the team's crest, of course, represent the unrivaled five World Cup titles that Brazil has accumulated over the years. Those five wins are enough to make the team a contender in any World Cup event, but this year,

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  5. Neymar Soccer Jerseys to Be a Common Fixture at 2014 World Cup

    It goes without saying that attendees of this summer's 2014 FIFA World Cup will see a preponderance of Brazil home kits. After all, Brazil is not only the most successful team in the history of the World Cup event, but is also hosting the event this year for the Brazil Kids 2014 World Cup Neymar T-Shirtfirst time since 1950. Perhaps the most popular form of Brazil uniform this summer, though, will be Neymar soccer jerseys shirts meant specifically to show fandom for one of Brazil's star players, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior.

    Neymar plays either striker or winger for the Brazil football team, and many expect the young player he is 22 years old to lead his home team to a championship match. With that in mind, Soccer Box has stocked up on gear specifically meant to celebrate the talents of the young Neymar.

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  6. Brazil Away Kit Still a Must-Have Item for the Team's Home World Cup Event

    Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Away ShirtDespite the fact that the Brazil national football team will essentially be the home team for every match it plays in the forthcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament, that doesn't mean that the team's players will always be suiting up in their iconic yellow and green national colors. On the contrary, every team that plays in the World Cup is given "home" games and "away" games for the sake of fairness and objectivity, and the same trend will result in the Brazil away kit being visible in the stands and on the fields of the team's home country.

    Luckily, the Brazil 2014 World Cup away jersey looks every bit as great as the team's distinctive home kits. In fact, the Brazil away shirt is one of the most attractive jerseys in all of soccer, with a subtle striping interplay pattern between blue and slightly darker blue, not to mention the Brazil team's famous five-star crest. The jersey is designed by Nike, and can be found at the Soccer Box online store alongside a slew of additional
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  7. Root for the Brazil In The World Cup 2014

    It's common knowledge in the soccer community that Brazil is the most successful nation in the history of the revered FIFA World Cup event. The country's football team has won the World Cup on five separate occasions, an unparalleled record of success that every other football-playing nation has been chasing for years. Italy is closest to catching up with 4 wins, West Germany has three victories and Uruguay and Argentina each have two, England, France and Spain are the only other nations to have achieved success with 1 win each.

    Brazil Kids 2014 World Cup Away Kit

    In the eyes of many football analysts, the Brazil national football team has the opportunity to push its already impressive record to an even higher level with the 2014 World Cup. Not only does Brazil have the advantage of being the most successful team

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  8. Hopes High for a Brazil Football Shirt Win at This Year's World Cup

    Hopes are high this year for a win for the wearers of the Brazil football shirt since they have home field advantage for the greatest soccer tournament in the world. Fans are sure to see the stadium full of yellow and green to show off their pride for the team of Brazil, and being one of the greatest teams around they are not likely to disappoint.

    Brazil is the most decorated football team in FIFA World Cup history, taking home the win a record five times. They have also won four times in the FIFA Confederation Cup and are the current holders of the prize after winning in 2013. Since the World Cup is happening in Brazil this year, the eyes of the world are sure to be on the team and especially on the goalie, which means the Brazil World Cup goalkeeper jersey 2014, which can be found at Soccer Box at an amazing deal, will be hugely popular around the world.

    Fields of Yellow

    The Brazil football shirt

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  9. Soccer Box has World Cup Football Shirts from all your Favorite National Teams

    Who could forget the FIFA World Cup? The World Cup is one of the biggest international sporting events in the world, with teams from over 30 nations Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Home Soccer Jerseycompeting for the championship title. With each new World Cup tournament there is a new round of official football gear and kit from participating teams, and this years 2014 World Cup football shirts are some of the most stylish and good looking yet.

    You can find the brand new jerseys from all your favorite World Cup teams at Soccer Box, in stock and ready to deliver to your door in time for this summer's big dance. Show your support for the host team with a Brazil soccer jersey, updated for the 2014 games. Check out all the ways to cheer on your favorite World Cup football team at Soccer Box and find official fan gear for your family, friends

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  10. Players From Brazil Are In Preparation for the World Cup

    Brazil, the International Federation of Association Football's most decorated national team, is once again hosting the FIFA World Cup this year. The green and yellow of the Brazil training kit can be seen darting across the football fields from Belo Horizonte to Sao Paolo, and fans from across the country are gearing up to support their national team during the first World Cup hosted on Brazilian soil since 1950. Anticipation is mounting in both Brazilian players and fans, for the biggest sporting event their country has ever seen.

    Become a part of Brazilian soccer history by supporting the Brazilian national soccer team with some team gear from Soccer Box. You can find everything from the notorious bright green training top to the Brazil 2014 World Cup N98 jacket at the Soccer Box online store, in stock and ready to ship in time for the games. Fans all over the world will be proudly displaying their Brazilian colors come match day, so don't miss out on all the fun!

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