The Brazil national football side might have five World Cup titles under its belt, but the team has never Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Away Shirtwon the event in front of a home audience. Neymar, currently the team's biggest star, couldn't change that fact in 2014, when Brazil hosted the tournament. The squad ended up eliminated from the cup after the semifinals, and lost the third place consolation fixture against the Netherlands. Rather than just be satisfied with his team's numerous away triumphs, Neymar wants home audiences in the Brazilian football kit to bear witness to a big victory on Brazilian soil.

In this case, that means a win at the 2016 Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held in Rio de Janeiro starting on August 5th of next year. Neymar has gone on record saying that he wants to lead the Brazil football squad to its first-ever Olympic gold medal next year. Root for the club and support this big goal with a new Brazil kit from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for the Brazil away shirt 2014 2015 or the yellow Nike home kit, you can find it here!

A Symbol of Football Excellence 

There are plenty of reasons the Brazilian football kit is considered a symbol of football excellence around the globe. In addition to the five stars embroidered on the Brazilian soccer shirt (which symbolize those five aforementioned World Cup victories) the country has achieved glorious triumphs in virtually every other event in which it has competed.

Indeed, Brazil's impressive football resume also includes four titles at the FIFA Confederations Cup, five first-place finishes at the Copa America, and three wins at the long-defunct South American Championship. No wonder fans in the Brazil away shirt 2014 2015 are proud of their nation's sporting legacy.

Of those titles, a good handful of them have occurred at home. For instance, all three of the South American Championships that Brazil won took place in Brazil. The Green and Yellow squad also won the 1989 Copa America at home (their first title in that tournament), as well as the most recent FIFA Confederations Cup (in 2013).

The Olympics

Clearly, the Brazil national football side has seen its fair share of glories over the years. Even without an at-home World Cup victory, no one can say that the team has disappointed in the event. After all, they have five titles in the tournament, all won in front of away audiences, and all achieved in different countries. No other country on the planet has a soccer squad that has been so consistently great.

Still, there is one thing that the wearers of the Brazilian football kit have never achieved: an Olympic gold medal. They've come close numerous times: at the 1984 Olympics in the United States, they finished as the runners-up, losing 0-2 in the gold medal match with France.

The Brazilian side replicated the runner-up finish four years later in South Korea. That time, they were defeated by the Soviets in the final match, a 1-2 battle that went into extra time. It was the closest Brazil ever came to getting that Olympic title.

There were other near misses. In 1996, the Green and Yellow returned to the United States, missing out on a slot in the gold medal match, but beating out Portugal in the consolation game for a place on the podium. 2008 saw a similar outcome, with the Brazil side beating out Belgium for the bronze.

Gold in 2016?

Now, with the 2014 World Cup in the history books, Brazil soccer fans are beginning to wonder about the country's chances at next year's Olympics. Of course, the national team will first don the Brazil away shirt 2014 2015 to partake in the 2015 Copa America. But suffice to say that Neymar isn't the only one thinking about next year's big sporting event in Rio de Janeiro.

There is good reason for all of the speculation. At the 2012 Olympics in London, Neymar helped push the Brazilian squad to a silver medal finish. (They lost the final match 1-2, against Mexico.) Since then, the Barcelona striker has only gotten better. Furthermore, in 2016, he and his team will be playing in front of huge supportive home audiences, rather than the away crowds of London. Surely that factor will help boost their momentum?

Can the Green and Yellow claim an Olympic title in 2016? Will they win the 2015 Copa America en route to that milestone? Only time will tell, but you can root for the country today with a new Brazilian football kit, available at Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a home kit or an away shirt, you can find it here. We also have kids kit packages and third shirt or training shirt designs.