Atletico Madrid is a Spanish football team, they are based in Madrid and were founded by a group of students in 1903. The teams main rivalry lies with Real Madrid being another local team, this rivalry began as far back as 1904 when dissident members of Real Madrid joined Atletico.  As a club Atletico Madrid can claim a successful history winning nine La Liga titles, ten Copa Del Reys, the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.  In terms of La Liga they are the third most successful Spanish team, falling behind Real Madrid and Barcelona who have won the champions title 32 and 22 times respectively.   For the last nine seasons these two mighty clubs have dominated the top spots and the fight for third place has been the competition between the other La Liga teams. Last season the Atletico Madrid football shirts put on an outstanding display to claim the third place victory scoring 76 points and winning 23 matches.  Can they offer a threat to Barca and Real's dominance during the upcoming 2013/14 season?

atletico madrid boys kitLast season Real were at times disappointing, they were reigning holders of the La Liga title and failed to retain it with Barcelona finishing fifteen points ahead of them at the end of the season.  For much of the season Atletico Madrid occupied the second position in the table and looked like a real threat to displacing the big twos dominance.   The other big Spanish football competition is the Copa Del Rey, the final came down to a derby match between the two Madrid teams Real and Atletico. Despite their lackluster season the mighty Real were favourites to win, Atletico were fighting a fourteen year history of not winning against their local rivals.  Real started out well scoring first to take the lead, Atletico equalized before half time, with no more goals before the final whistle the match went into extra time, Miranda scored for Atletico in the 98th minute sealing their victory and breaking the spell that has kept them behind their local nemesis in recent history.  Last season may be the first step to presenting a real threat for one of the much coveted first and second place La Liga positions.

Real are set to have a busy summer, they have a new manager, Carlo Anceloti, and transfer rumors concerning the coming and going of new and old players are rife in the media, can Ancelotti pull a strong enough team together to maintain their powerful hold over the Spanish league and finish in one of the top two spots.  Diego Simeone has been in charge of the Atletico Madrid football team since 2011 and has notched up three trophies since, he will certainly be looking to add more silverware this season, with a chance at the Champions League and the prospect of ousting one of the top two from their prestigious top of the table spots he will be working hard to ensure his team are up for the challenge. The Atletico team appears to be a solid unit with little transfer gossip to be heard, Simeone has stated the only player he wants to see in an Atletico shirt next season is the Wolfsburg player Diego, and they are working hard to agree transfer terms with both club and player.

What did you think of last season's La Liga?

Are Atletico a formidable threat the Barca and Real's continuing dominance?

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