regular_2012arsenalhomeboyskitWith the popularity of football hitting a new high in the last few years, and the rise in football shirts and kits being ordered, even the tiniest of football supporters have began ordering football kits. That's right baby kits are available for little football fans, the sizes of these usually range from 3-6 months up to 24-36 months. The next step after this are the Little Boys kits which start from 3-4 years. Even though there is much less material used during the making of these kits, they are not much cheaper in price. The Arsenal Baby kit is available from prices starting at around £28 pound, whereas the little boys kit is £35 pound. The Arsenal Baby kit consists of an official Arsenal shirt, shorts and socks as worn by the squad.

Some people are strong football supporters, so wish for their children to follow their support for a certain football team, parents often do this by buying football shirts and kits early on in their child's life so they grow up supporting the team. Some children will change their mind once they are old enough but some stick with their family's favourite team. To make your Arsenal baby kit that extra bit more special you can also personalise it. Depending on which sports retailer you shop with you may have the option of personalising it, some retailers do not use official Premier League printing styles, some do. By official printing styles it means the same style font and text as worn by the professional players in the Premier League.

The size of your Arsenal Baby Kit will determine how many letters you can have printed to your shirt. For example a 3-6 month baby kit would usually only fit around 5/6 letters on whereas a 24-36 month kit would fit 7/8 or even more. There are ways of being able to tell a fake printing style to a non-fake, the premier league style would always have the official Premier League logo in the bottom of each number, also 'fake' Premier League lettering often does not have the soft smooth finish around the edges and is often rubber-like to touch. Some stores will print your personalisation while you wait in store, this way you have the chance to see exactly what is about to be printed on to your shirt. The Arsenal Baby Kit is one of the most popular baby kits, along with Barcelona and Manchester United.

Clubs from La Liga like Real Madrid and Barcelona and Italian league Serie A clubs such as AC Milan all use their own printing styles. This is how it used to be in English football too until the rules were changed and all Premier League teams had to use the same official print.  Most teams this year have released their new 2013/14 kits and shirt but some are just ready for pre-order. Some teams like Arsenal themselves released their home shirts and kits in 2012 as the 2012/14 kit which means they will keep their current kit instead of having a new kit for the new 2013/14 season, this is the same for the Arsenal baby kit.

Emily writes exclusively for Soccer Box, where you can see a wide range of football merchandise including Arsenal shirts and kits including the Arsenal Baby Kit.