What's going on with the Carlos Tevez Boca Juniors rumors? The Argentine forward has had a tremendous season at Juventus FC, serving as the football club's top goalscorer for the second year in a row. He's played a huge role in Juve's 2014 2015 Serie A victory-he's actually the top scorer for the entire division-as well as in the team's campaign for the UEFA Champions League title. However, despite all of these superlatives, rumors have been swirling as of late that Tevez is unhappy in Italy and wants to return to Argentina-or, more specifically, to his hometown football club, Boca Juniors.

Tevez, of course, started his senior career at Boca all the way back in 2001. He played four seasons there-making 110 appearances and scoring 38 goals-before heading off to Corinthians for the second stage of his career. He's moved around quite a bit since then, bouncing around at different English Premier League teams (including West Ham, Manchester United, and Manchester City) before landing at Juventus at the start of the 2013 2014 season. Still, even after playing soccer in so many different places, Buenos Aires remains home for Carlos Tevez, and Boca Juniors are evidently a team he'd like to play for again.

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The Source of the Speculation

So where did the idea of Carlos Tevez making a return to Boca Juniors start? From the man himself, of Boca Juniors Home Shirt 2014 - 2015course. Tevez has always made it clear that he wants to finish out his senior career in Argentina, at the same football club where it started. What has always been unclear, though, is when Carlos intends to retire-and in connection, when he will decide it is time to go home again.

Earlier this spring, rumors were swirling that Tevez had made it clear that he wanted his return to Boca Juniors to happen this summer. There was no question over whether or not he would finish the 2014 2015 season at Juventus-what with the Serie A, the Coppa Italia, and the Champions League to deal with. However, after that, it seemed as if Tevez might be trading his Juventus shirt for a Boca Juniors soccer jersey.

One More Year?

Now, though, both Carlos Tevez and Boca Juniors have denied the rumors that the Argentine forward would be leaving Juventus this summer. Following a 2-0 Juventus victory at Lazio in late April, Tevez told reporters that the rumors about his early return home were "not true."

The reason is his contract with Juve, which runs until the end of the 2015 2016 season. Tevez says that he wants to respect that contract, and that he "will continue to the end." Juventus, meanwhile, want to convince Carlos to extend his contract for at least another year, but the 31-year-old Argentine has so far been unconvinced.

Based on these facts, it looks as if Tevez will not make his return to Boca Juniors this summer, but next summer instead. And while fans in the Boca Juniors home shirt 2014 2015 may be disappointed at having to wait, it seems that the football club in Buenos Aires understands why Carlos has to wait.

Indeed, Boca Juniors director Enzo Pagani has gone on record acknowledging the fact that his club won't be able to do anything to pull Carlos Tevez away from Juventus before next spring's contract expiration.

"If, once that agreement has expired, Carlos is available, then we will all be delighted to welcome him to the Bombonera, which is his home," Pagani said to Tuttosport. "But it won't be before."

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