After a shock-filled, action-packed run in the 2014 2015 UEFA Champions League, it all comes down to this. On Saturday, June 6th, the entire football world will turn its attention to the Olympiastadion in Barcelona Away Shirt 2014 - 2015Berlin, where Italy's Juventus and Spain's FC Barcelona will face off for Europe's most prestigious club football championship. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will end the tournament as the top goal scorer? What surprises could be in store? This Champions League final 2015 preview will attempt to answer these questions and more!

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The 2014 2015 Champions League: Barcelona

Whether you choose the Juventus jersey or the Barcelona shirt, there is little doubt that both of these teams deserve to be in the UCL finals this year. In what has been an exciting (and often unpredictable) tournament, these Italian champs and Spanish heavyweights have certainly distinguished themselves among the crowd.

Barca were clear contenders from the very beginning of this year's tournament, winning five of their six group stage matches against Paris Saint Germain, Ajax, and APOEL. They lost their away game at PSG, but the defeat proved to be merely a fluke rather than a sign of weakness.

Indeed, the wearers of the Barcelona away jersey 2014 2015 looked anything but weak in the knockout stages. In the round of 16, they won both home and away legs to topple Manchester City. They did the same to PSG in the quarterfinals, making up for that group stage loss. And while Bayern Munich put up a fight in the semifinals, beating Barca 3-2 in the second leg, the Spaniards still won the aggregate thanks to a massive 3-0 victory in the home leg.

The 2014 2015 Champions League: Juventus

Juve, meanwhile, have had the most dynamic narrative of anyone in this year's UCL tournament. On September 16th, they launched their tournament campaign by donning the Juventus home shirt 2014 2015 for a group stage win against Malmo FF.

The victory started things off on a high note, but the Zebras struggled in the group stage, losing matches against Atletico Madrid and Greece's Olympiacos, and nearly missing out on the knockout stage. Ultimately, though, Juventus edged out Olympiacos to reach the round of 16, and they've been nearly flawless ever since.

The knockouts began for Juve with a 5-1 blowout over Borussia Dortmund in the round of 16. They topped Monaco to get through the quarterfinals, and then faced their ultimate challenge in the semis, coming up against defending UCL champions, Real Madrid. The Zebras were expected to lose that round, but surprised with a 2-1 win in the May 5th home leg. A week later, they managed a 1-1 draw on Real Madrid's home turf, winning the aggregate 3-2, and earning a spot in the championship match.

The Final

Now, Barcelona and Juventus will face off for all the glory, in the June 6th 2014 2015 Champions League final. Who will win? General wisdom says Barcelona, who have three of the top 10 goal scorers in the tournament right now with Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez. (Juve only has one: Carlos Tevez, with seven points.) Barca have also won more UCL titles in the past than Juventus (four versus two) and have won more recently (2011 versus 1996).

Then again, general wisdom also would have given Real Madrid the advantage in the semifinals, and we saw how that played out. Juventus have shown surprising resilience in this year's Champions League, bouncing back from a lukewarm group stage performance to become true contenders. It's also worth noting that the only time these two teams faced one another in the UCL-back in 2002 2003, during the quarterfinals-the Zebras walked away with the win.

Now that we have completed the Champions League final 2015 preview, who are you rooting for in the big game? Do you want Barcelona to skate to a milestone fifth Champions League title, or do you think it's time for an Italian club to win for a change? Whoever you choose to support, you can find their gear at Soccer Box: both the Juventus football shirts and the Barcelona away jersey 2014 2015 are in stock.