Indeed, we have home and away shirts for many international clubs, both for 2014 2015 season and for years past. From FC Barcelona to Inter Milan and beyond, we have all of the big international club names represented. We even have cheap and affordable merchandise for some of the less-talked-about American squads, such as the LA Galaxy away shirt 2013 2014.

The Appeal of the American MLS Division

As far as international football leagues are concerned, the big names are Spain's La Liga and Germany's Bundesliga. Many of us often forget about the Major League Soccer division that exists in the United States-the league in which LA Galaxy competes. But there is a certain appeal in MLS that even fans of the generally higher-skill European divisions will appreciate.

For one thing, Major League Soccer runs its season at different times of the year than the Premier League or Bundesliga. The 2014 season, for instance, began in March and will conclude on October 26. In other words, clubs like LA Galaxy play during the offseason of most other leagues, making the American league an ideal option for those looking to watch football all year round.

Becoming a Major League Soccer Fan

With the season winding down, you might have to wait until next spring to really take advantage of America's alternative football schedule. However, you can prepare to follow football in the USA right now by stopping at Soccer Box and seeing what we have available as far as cheap international football shirts are concerned!

As mentioned previously, one option available is the LA Galaxy away shirt. Made by Adidas, the LA Galaxy away shirt is a sleek and modern blue design with dark blue trim and yellow stripes running along the shoulders and down the sleeves. Since the away shirt comes from the 2013 season, it is also available for a cheap sale price.

LA Galaxy Team Background 

Though Los Angeles is a city known more for its entertainment scene or even for its basketball teams than it is for football, the City of Angels actually has a fairly good squad.

Galaxy plays in the Western Conference of MLS, against the likes of the Seattle Sounders and Real Salt Lake. In 2013, the Los Angeles club finished in third place on the Western Conference table, and in fifth place in overall national standings.

For 2014, with just a few matches left to be played, the team has bettered its 2013 position. Indeed, the LA Galaxy team has climbed up to second place for the 2014 Western Conference, behind only Seattle. Both the Sounders and the Galaxy have also outperformed every team in the Eastern Conference, and are therefore the top two teams on the overall standings table as well.

Add two recent MLS overall victories-in 2011 and 2012-and it's clear that now is the perfect time to pick up a cheap LA Galaxy away shirt 2013 2014 at Soccer Box. Perhaps best of all, the shirt is currently selling for a discount price of 35% off, so you can begin your hobby of following the American MLS for an affordable price!

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