Does your son or daughter support a Premier League, La Liga or other top league football club? With the rising costs are you struggling to kit your child out in the latest strips? Keep reading to find out the best places to shop for cheap kids football kits.

Kids football kits are one of the most requested Christmas and birthday gifts for young soccer fans. However, many parents are struggling to meet their children's demands as the costs of these kits are increasing each season. At Soccer Box you can always get great value, shop online now you will find the latest official Nike, Adidas and Puma kits for all the top football teams in the world.

One of the brand new additions to the Soccer Box store is the Chelsea kids away football kit. This has been specially designed for the youngest of Chelsea fans, it is a full kit in sizes to fit children age 1-6 years. It is an official Adidas product. For one low price you will receive the away jersey and shorts in your chosen size. This is an authentic replica of the 2013 - 2014 season Chelsea away kit.

The Chelsea kids away football kit is white in color. The front of the shirt features 2 horizontal stripes, 1 red and 1 blue, these create a sporty look, and a unique design for the 2013 - 2014 soccer season. The crest and sponsor logo are printed in navy, the Adidas logo and 3 stripe design features on the shirt and shorts, also in navy. This is an official kit supplied to Soccer Box by Adidas, the official supplier of the Chelsea FC match day and training kits, and other merchandise.

Last year Adidas and Chelsea signed a record deal, worth £300m for 10 years. This is the 2nd largest kit deal ever signed, to date. The only bigger deal was between Adidas and Real Madrid, although it is expected that Manchester United will sign an astronomical deal worth around £1billion soon. The increasing cost of kit supplier deals is increasing the costs for consumers and making it harder to find cheap kids football kits.

The average cost for a full kit for the under 7s age group is approximately £40 UK/ $66 USA/ €48 EUR. These kits are great value even before any reductions or discounts. They are often slightly different to the shirts made for older kids and adults, but feature the official crests and logos. These cheap kids football kids are a great starting point for young soccer supporters. At Soccer Box you can order these kids kits in a wide selection of teams, check out the range available today!

As your child grows, the price increases. When they no longer fit into the specially designed full kit sets you will need to purchase the individual items separately. The kids kits always contain the football shirt and shorts, if the kit you order is manufactured by Nike or Puma you will also receive the socks. If your child continues to want the full strip it may be necessary to seek out cheap kids football kits instead of buying the latest full price kit.

To get the brand new Chelsea away kit, including shirt, shorts and socks for a 10 year old costs around £65 UK/ $108 USA/ €79 EUR. This is substantially more than the kits for younger kids. This season Chelsea has released a new home, away and third kit, buying all 3 is impossible for most families. Looking out for cheap kids football kits will help you keep within a strict budget while also pleasing your children.

After Christmas is a good time to start looking out for cheap kids football kits, retailers are likely to start selling off excess stock, not sold during the festive period, prior to the launch of the new kits.  Around May some clubs begin to launch the soccer strips that they will be wearing during the following season, at this time the old kits will almost certainly be reduced to make way for incoming stock.

Full kits for younger children including the Chelsea kids away football kit are fantastic value. If you are looking for older kids and youth sizes a great deal may be harder to find. However, if you shop at the right time, and you are willing to wait for the new kit buying football strips for your kids needn't break the bank! At Soccer Box we stock a large range of kids kits, many are already on special offer, have a look today and grab a bargain!

What do you think would be a reasonable price for a Chelsea kit to fit a 10 year old?

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